Monday, April 11, 2011


I think I'm beginning to see how some writers can write 7 or 8 different projects, some of which exist in the same general universe, some of which inhabit their own universes complete and apart from the other projects they're working on.

I've about 3 things on the go right now that I keep fleshing out, bit by bit, tweaking, fixing, retweaking, adding, creating, making.
When I tell people I've got worlds upon worlds upon galaxies swirling about in my head, I'm not lying, and it's only now that I'm forcing myself to get them out and prepared to be shared with the world.
Kind of scary... because I know I have a "unique" sense of humour, and I tend to enjoy going where most places fear to tread (fear of the backlash, usually).

One thing I do have to be careful of is delving into my past experiences and enjoyments too much, because the more I sample from one or two areas, the more those influences show through, and suddenly, this thing I'm creating isn't mine, per se, but a fan-fic or something like that, and no, just no, this thing is my own. The characters, the places, the worlds are my creations. From my head, to paper(or phosphor screen.. LED if you're lucky..probably LCD for most), it's my creation.

And as such, here's a quick mock-up of one of the characters from one of the worlds I'm dripping out of my head and onto something more than just my imagination.

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