Thursday, April 21, 2011

Randomocity & Geek Cantina

Hey look, another non-word!

"Randomocity".. rhymes with velocity. ...though I suppose one could go the other route and go random-city.. but then, what exactly is a velo-city? What's a velo, for that matter?

Anyhow.. random doodle:

I really need to get a decent scanner. I'm tired of working digitally.. it's too easy to screw up, fix it, and make it look like "perfect". Which is why a lot of my stuff here, though digital, looks like `crap`. Because I want it to more closely resemble my actual doodles and sketches.

Though the colouring, yeah, I'll gladly keep that all digital, because I suck pretty bad at it on paper. But then, I've only got a handful of Copic Ciao markers and some pencil crayons, so my options are pretty limited.

Long weekend ahead! Easter Weekend. Also, my roommate's birthday.
She was raised in a bit less "normal" fashion than I or my friends were.. instead of presents and all that, her family (which is large than "normal", so this custom makes sense) takes the birthday person out to their choice of restaurant to eat, and that's about it.

Now, I've been looking at Think Geek for a while..and then started looking at Canadian equivalents, because despite the dollar being above the US-greenback, I doubt the prices are immediately changing to reflect that, AND I don't want to pay state-taxes, customs-duty and import-taxes, and then provincial taxes on top of it. So I went to Geek Cantina and ordered some stuff. My roommate wanted the rubber-ducky ice-cube tray, so that's on order, as is the fishes & skelly-fish. Interesting ice-cube time! Not quite the ice-cub shotglasses, but hey, we don't drink enough to warrant the purchase. Was really tempted to go with the skulls & crossbones, or the titonic/iceberg moulds, but my freezer space is limited as it is.
I wish GeekCantina had the cell-phone nunchaku accessory that ThinkGeek has, but ah well. Also ordered the paperless-stapler.. it's a cute design, and often enough I'm looking for a stapler and either not finding one, or finding an empty one with no staples. So that'll come in handy. Yay!

Ordering was easy enough.. I made a phone-call on the 800# to inquire about the other ice-cube moulds, and had a pleasant conversation with a "salesman". I use the quotes around "salesman" because the guy was awesome. No pressure, no trying to sell me other things, even offered to ship the ice-cube trays  separately if they took longer to order in. (I placed them as their own order.. you might think this foolish of me, but hey, the place has to stay in business, and just knowing they're that kind of awesome, I don't feel bad about paying the 10$ for shipping..besides, I like things simple.. instead of a complicated or tricky invoice with "missing" items that are really on order, I'll just pay shipping for a separate order and wait it out.)

I was hard-pressed not to buy the Baconaise.. but maybe next time. Can't wait for everything to show up.. especially to see which Axe the World of Warcraft keychain is. They've got plenty of images of swords..but none of the axes, maces or hammers. Swords are cool, don't get me wrong. But to me, there's just something.. more awesome.. more menacing..more.. MORE.. about a guy dual-wielding axes instead of swords.

And yes, I'll definitely be posting about when the items show up.

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