Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spin it

Golf carts.
There's something about them that just.. is amazing.

One of my favourite memories in a golf cart was when a friend and I were travelling from one hole to the next out in P.E.I. (Prince Edward Island, one of the east-coast provinces(island off of, actually) of Canada).
I don't recall much of that day, save pulling a muscle in my back, and doing an amazing drift in the golf cart.

Now, if you don't know what vehicular drifting is.. it's having the body of the vehicle basically strafe in the direction you want to go, with the wheels cranked to where you want to go once you regain full traction control.
Or something like that.
Anyhow.. it had rained the day previous to our golfing escapade.. and I was driving. There were 2 small trees (not quite saplings, not quite trees yet) placed on either side in a sharp S-bend in the path, and like an idiot, I flattened the pedal and cranked the wheel left, then right, then left again, and we drifted through the trees along the path.

In hindsight, awesome as the experience was, it was really stupid.
Golf carts don't have roll-cages, doors (well, the ones I'm accustomed to, anyhow) or even seatbelts. The Golfbags holding our clubs were strapped in safer than we were. Now, my pal and I are not small men by any measure. We could have easily tipped that cart if we tried. And yet, here we were, driving like maniacs on the golf course, laughing and having fun.

But there's no way in hell we'd try that same thing with a real car. Not even a rental.(heh).
There's just something about golf carts. Sadly, there's plenty of stupid kids out there that try this crap on the city-streets and back-roads and wind up as smears on the dashboard. The lucky ones get the adrenaline-high and the rest.. visit the hospital or morgue.

I've always loved those images of the trailing tail-lights of vehicles as they speed by. Sometimes I wonder if the people are aware that they're on camera or not. I think it's time-lapse photography? I'm thinking more people would drive more appropriately/legally/just plain better if they knew they were being monitored.

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