Thursday, April 7, 2011

What is... erotic?

Porn. It's something many people have issues with.
Good, bad, and a lot of it is downright ugly.
Something that is often thought of strictly a men's problem, but more and more women are admitting a problem with it as well.
There was even an ivy-league scientific study done (on tax-payer dollars, of course) that has "proved" that within 4 minutes of exposure to hard-core porn, both men and women are `ready`.

There are a bevy of Christian support groups for men who can a)admit they have a problem with and 2) want to get help for, their problem with pronography.
But where do you draw the line between art and porn? There is such a large boatload of different things that arouse a person, what is what?
Sure, there's some obvious things we can all agree on, but how far down that list do you go until you're infringing on artistic license?

My own philosophy is this: If it's something to detract and/or distract you from your spouse, ditch it and quick.
My views may seem `old fashioned`, but there's a good history of proof that society benefits when spouses stick to each other for their gratifications instead of anywhere else they can get it.

Now, I don't ever want to draw or otherwise create porn. But I *do* want to be able to draw attractive women, and I'm often of the thoughtline that it's what your mind fills-in-the-blanks for that really creates a seductive, sexy thing. Sure, outright genitalia and T&A in your face can do the same thing, but it's a blunt instrument.. I prefer something that actually engages you, instead of just kind of slaps you in the face.

This is a contest submissions over on SkethchOHolic, and I didn't want to participate unless I could create something that I would deem tasteful. Most of the submissions are surprisingly tasteful.
So.. while it's not a full-figure woman, this still challenged me to paint a woman in a feminine and semi-erotic/seductive way. I think I've left off the erotic and gone more for seduction, but that's just my thoughts.

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