Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Zombie fun

So, after reading this piece of honest, in-your-face truth (and it is the truth), I decided to have some more procrastination and put in my roommate's dvd season of Grey's Anatomy.. because I can do anything while that stuff is playing in the background.

Basically, I have the radio on, but my radio only picks up maybe 4 stations, 3 of which I don't care for, and I can only take the 1 that I do enjoy for so long before I get tired of hearing the same damned commercials 15 times in an hour. But, not having cable means we've got either movies, or seasons-of on dvd.
And the seasons-of go for much longer than any movie..save maybe the Lord of the Rings super-directors-nitpicky-uber-geek-extended Trilogy cut.

So, just idly doodling away, let me brain do it's thing..I'd been playing some zombie games recently..and I guess it was an obvious influence, as I doodled out a gawky thing..but refined the head in a separate location.
Then I decided to apply it via tablet to laptop, and this is what I have.

Don't ask about the puffy hunting vest, or why he's slipping - I don't know.

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