Tuesday, May 31, 2011

And that's the way it is

There's 2 songs that use that phrase, that come to mind.
Well, the one is technically `that's just the way it is`..but close enough to be thought of.

Life is a ... frustratingly bizarre thing.
I can plot things down to the most minute of details..and it all goes to hell.
I can do things on the very spur of a moment, and it goes to hell really quick.

And on the flipside, sometimes those same things turn out well. Or very well.
But most often.. it seems like it's not just the short-end of the stick, but the short-end of the stick that was used to stir a vat full of goose-manure.

It's bound to get better, right?

Denis Leary sang it well - ~Life's gonna suck when you grow up~

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