Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A bit more body

So, I decided to do a lil more work on yesterday's critter.. all digital this time, completely rough with only a bit of shading & coloured canvas to bring it out a tad.

So.. while I normally don't fall asleep until about 1am.. I've got this job-shadow thing happening.. at 4am. And then who knows how long it'll be, but the fella said it's typically a 2am to 12noon kinda gig.
I still have the problem of transit..and my complete lack of it.. and what with the late-late night/super early morning thing.. it's looking less promising than it was.

It might be time to start asking people if they'd like to donate to the Don't-Make-Me-Mug-You fund.

I think my 'theme' for next week is gonna be poking fun at Lar deSouza ...the guy's got a name that can be mixed with so many things..

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