Sunday, May 15, 2011

Breaking in new toys

I love my local art supply stores.
I mostly shop at Curry's...because even if I've only got 5-bucks on me, I can still get a couple of bit of sculpy/plastecine and still create. What I'm more interested in is a lot more pricey. Roughly 4$/per marker pricey, and the "good" paper is almost as expensive.. but I make do with the "lower grade" stuff because hey, I'm still learning, experimenting, and enjoying what I'm doing.
But I hate shopping online for this stuff, I'll use Curry's as an example.. because whatever I order, my local store doesn't see dime-one out of it..just the head-office and the warehouse they're shipping from. Plus, a bus ticket is say 3$, so, 6$ if I run over the time alloted on the transfer, which is a lot cheaper than the typical 15-25$ companies want for shipping. That, and I like to support my local stores, because then I don't have to order online, pay ridiculous shipping fees, or travel to another city, or province for that matter, for supplies.

So, I noticed in an online-flyer (yeah, I see the irony in that..but flyers don't get delivered to my building) that they had some markers on sale.. almost 50% off! So I went down..and they were sold out. Next shipment due next week. So it's next week. I missed the new-product day..went in yesterday, and thankfully they still had some.
Now, I've said before that Copic makes some nice markers. I love their Sketcher line of markers, but have noticed it seems to be limited only to black and shades of grey.. whereas the Ciao line is something like 144 different colours. My problem is, I can blend and gradient easily, smoothly, nicely with the Sketchers.. but horribly with the Ciaos. Almost like they weren't really designed for it, but it's probably my technique.
I've got a 12-pack of Ciaos, and tried to blend the red & yellow together on a pre-primed canvas to see if I could make a semi-suitable skin-tone. Nope. Not even close, unless we're talking freakish-by-jersey-shore standards. (remember, I don't have tv... but I do have internet, so I still see every now & then when those....people???... are in making headlines)
But Copic came out with a Manga Skin Tone pack..and that's what I picked up. 8 wonderful skin-tone colours, and a 0.3 Copic multiliner in the pack.
Curry's was also having a sale on sketchbooks ...I picked up a 3-pack of 5X8 hardcovers and a 9X12 ring-spined softcover sketchpad. All in all it came out to roughly 38$. SCORE!!(keep in mind the Copic markers were on sale for 27$)

So, while watching "Passengers" with my roommate this evening, I decided to doodle in my book while bored with certain parts of the movie. I don't work in pencil very often..but this is what I got done in ... I don't know how long it took me.. but I still watched most of the movie. Anne Hathaway has really grown into a beautiful woman - on the outside, I don't know jack about her personality off-camera. The movie's got a nice twist in the end that revealed itself right after I said `Hey!! That doesn't make any sense!"
Anyhow.. enjoy!
Not sure why, but I decided to leave the feline's eyes undone.

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