Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Double-shot pt.1

Ok.. so this week is all about basically hurting myself, for what I'm hoping is the betterment of myself.

Today's P90X thing was `Plyometrics`, which I guess is the technical term for `Jump, fat-ass! Now run in a circle! Now squat down like you're crapping on a bear-trap and JUMP, fat-ass!! JUMP` for an hour.
I tried to do most of these things.. but man are my legs out of shape!

...okay okay.. ALL of me is out of shape. My lats (the muscles that go from your armpits down to your hips, roughly) are still super-sore from yesterday's workout. I don't remember what tomorrow's workout is..and as much as I want to hope it's easy..I know it won't be..because this thing works muscles I haven't worked before, or haven't worked in a very very very very very very very long time.

Also working on those artistic muscle!
Things I hate drawing..
Cute animals, and kids/babies. Especially babies...little weirdo deformed people critters that they are.
Anyone who knows will tell you 2 things about me in regard to kids: I don't like them, and I'm great with them.
But it's a sham, really. I'm only `great` with kids because I know that soon enough, one of us is going far away from the other. So it's really more of a tolerance thing.. that, and because as much as the gut-instinct is to cry out `what the fuck is that!!?????` while grabbing for something sharp and on fire to kill it with, the people who've actually spawned the thing tend to think it's some kind of wonderous miracle of beauty. So you make "cutesy" faces and such and just try to get through the evening without having to kill something with fire.
Seriously though, the thing I loathe about kids is the crying. Not the `I need food` or `I just crapped myself` cry.. it's that `I'm gonna cry because I'm mad, and there ain't a damn thing you can do about it` cry.
That cry riles up the Spank-You Meter in my head something fierce.
Like my parents said to me : You want something to really cry about??

The cute critters I can do, more or less, I just don't like to. I'm not a cutesy kinda person. This is why I like machines, macho imagery, weapons and the like.. good hard line, solid lines. Nothing soft or fluffy there, unless said weapon happens to have gotten some cutesy-splatter on it. ^_^

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