Monday, May 23, 2011

Lar-berry Shortcake

Okay.. so this week is all about poking some fun at someone I admire.
You might remember I did this a little bit a while ago with the "Obey the Beard" post.

Pokin fun at the incredible Lar deSouza.
The man's name alone screams crazy & awesome convolutions with other words.
Some folks get saddled with names by their parents that just.. don't work with anything but them..and even that's just an identifier, barely capable of describing the person. And then there's those poor schmucks who should really just change their name, and the government should waive the fee of doing so because of the general ease of abuse their names allow.

But Lar.. Laurence deSouza is a man of amazing name.
Now, maybe it's because I was raised & taught in school that proper spelling is important.. and somewhere along the line the power of a name, of a label, became ingrained. So when I see folks call him `Lars`.. it makes me want to smack the tongue out of their mouths.. or, in the case of internet chats on ustream, remove their fingers one by one until they learn.. the name is LAR. Not "lars". This often-used typo's even become part of the drinking-game for his ustreams. Congratulations, you name-mangling gimps.*grumble*

Anyhow.. so, to start the week off.. we've got some Lar-berry Shortcake, just for y'all.
Though really, resembles a more rotund Purple-Pie Man than Strawberry Shortcake.. but I'm working from a name, not a resemblance here.

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