Thursday, May 26, 2011

Larth Vader

I remember some time ago, during one of Lar's ustreams, that someone asked him what he'd like if they brought him something at a convention..and I as I recall(my memory might be faulty here), it was something about puppets or hats.

Now, I don't know about the puppets, but the man has many hats. If you look back through the week, you'll see my poor-impersonations of him with different hats on.
But what to do when the whole damned head is basically a freakin hat?
You let it be.. you just let it be.
And then I do what I do.. no lightsaber? Wah. Suck it up..  we all know the power comes from the beard, and not some goofy crystals in a freakin' cigar tube.

Originally I was going to go with "Lar / Lar-k Skywalker"..or the very very wrong Princess Lar-a.
Asked Lar via twitter..and Larth Vader came to mind right after I sent it.
Couldn't do a Yoda-Lar though.. the name combobulations just don't roll off the tongue.
Though maybe I should've gone with a Lar Solo or Lando Lar-rissian? Meh.
Larth Vader's here now.. the rest can be sketchbook fodders.. where they'll be taunted by Larbba the Hutt for fun. Or something.
Are you starting to see how the man's name can just make everything more awesome??

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