Friday, May 13, 2011

Last of things I hate to draw

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For now.. anyhow.

I don't normally draw political cartoons, mostly because they're strictly-topical, and 20 years from now, it won't be funny anymore..... not that a lot of things are funny 20 years from now, but the younger generations might find it funny while they'll look at a political cartoon and scratch their heads.

However, with the price of gas always going up, never down..I figured this was way overdue on my part.
I don't have a vehicle, but I do drive every so often..and I chip in for gas - which is always gouging me more and more when I do.
There's a breaking-point, and surprisingly, people haven't hit it yet.. I'm surprised. Seriously.
I've expected to hear on the radio about some hotshot at O.P.E.C.'s kid or wife or boyfriend or whatever's been kidnapped and lost a finger or toe as "proof" so the prices would come back down to pre-1990 levels, where they should really still be. The prices then were outrageous, and the fact that people have just accepted - angrily, theft-fully, and hatefull, the unjustified increases and gouges at the pumps tells me that when this thing finally hits boiling-point-spillover.. it's going to be damned nasty. Like "making medieval torture seem like roses & candy by comparison" nasty.

The really stupid part is, the Government says it can't do anything. Like hell it can't. Canada produces more than enough crude oil in its own backyard to supply it's house( crude produced in western canada can provide for all of canada & then some), but instead, sells it all to the neighbours....then buys crude from the neighbour down the block at an increased price. Fucking stupid or what!?

Anyhow.. cartoon! (please share with fellow gas-price-haters)

How Gas prices are really decided..and what our government does to help it's citizens.

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