Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More things I hate drawing

And this time, I'm not alone!

I'm really beginning to understand why "crowd scenes" are one of the many banes of many artists out there.
Time consuming, a plethora of minutia of details, and basically, it tends to get glossed over by the reader when it's done well. When it's done badly, it gets noticed, and it's not supposed to really be noticed, is my understanding.

So, I started drawing people with no clue what they'd be doing (like an idiot)..and it became a club/discoteque kinda thing.. and then I got really really sick of trying to draw human-shaped critters for the further parts of the background and decided to watercolour-shade it...and just blobbed some humanoid shapes in there instead.

One more day of drawing the things I hate..and then on to a new subject for the week. ...the week typically running sunday-to-thursday.

Didn't do the P90X stuff today.. ...sunday I looked at the first part(and did it..stupid me), monday I did the first part completely(chest&back, ab-ripper-x), yesterday was that plyometrics *should* have been shoulders&back..but I took the day off because frankly, when you struggle to get out of bed or when wiping your ass causes you muscular pain.. it's time to ease back a notch. "Extreme" can kiss my tender tucous, I'm dialing it back so I can actually keep doing it in the time-frame setup - I refuse to kill myself in the attempt of getting into better shape.
So tomorrow'll be interesting..  Run into Toronto with a friend/old boss, interview in the afternoon, and try the daily P90X thing in the evening. ...normally I wake up, do the P90X thing..there's a nice warmup for the stuff, just in case you do it right out of bed, like me - so I gulp down some water & fruit, do the exercise, shower, relax for a bit, then go about my day like normal. But not tomorrow.. tomorrow I'll be doing it at night..which'll be interesting.

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