Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Playing with Light 4

Damn it!!! I'm 5 minutes over... well, no art *yesterday*..but double today, it'll be.
Fuck I hate missing deadlines, even self-imposed ones.

I watched True Grit today.. not the original with John Wayne, but the remake with Jeff Bridges.
There were some obvious omissions and things I don't exactly recall from the first one, but at least this time around the 14 year-old girl is played by a gal who looks the part, and not a 20-something actress.

Still, finding Rooster Cogburn in the pig-pen, covered in slop was better, in my eyes, than in the back of a chinese grocery store. But what do I know?

So the image below is my render of a night-shot from the film, where they're looking down on a cabin in the mountains. I thought the light-play was almost perfect, most of the face visible, the rest, near complete black.

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