Sunday, May 1, 2011

Playing with Light Pt.2

Still playing around with light and shadow.. not inking, though I should really put some effort towards that.

I'm thinking that the difference between shadows & shading & inking is that, some things you ink aren't in shadow, but are simply better darkened for the contrast, to help the image look better overall.
I could be wrong on that, but it's what I'm going with until I learn otherwise.

So.. tonight is just a dude semi-reclining on a pillow with his hat pulled down over his face, like if you were trying to nap while riding a train or something.
I didn't do any major shadows or anything, just some simple watercolour brush-strokes over and around.
I'm going to have to find the sensitivity on this one particular brush, because it goes from almost nothing to 100% saturation with very little pressure at all, and I find that quite frustrating right now.

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