Tuesday, May 17, 2011


So I've been slowly breaking in one of the three hardcover 5X8(inch) sketchbooks.

Some pencil, some pen.. all just random doodling.

This thing's been in my head for a couple days, and I've been wondering where I'd put him.
He's now in the sketchbook. I'm thinking of turning him into an entire race for a project I'm working on.
Think something like throwing a dwarf, a pixie, a kobold and half-a-dark-elf into a blender.

More and more I'm noticing just how much I can not get the same detail out of my wonderful lil tablet (wacom bamboo fun) as I can when I'm working on paper. Quite frustrating.

I'm also taking a small break from the P90X stuff.. I think I may have a small tear in my lowest-left abdominal muscle. Pushups strained it, and a different style of pushup did it in altogether. I'll still be doing it, but I'm taking a day to let myself heal. Stupid abdominal muscles.. just like your back, they're connected to practically everything.

My camera battery informed me of it's imminent death while trying to get a non-shaky, non-shadow-covered picture from my sketchbook.. so I'll have to recharge it before I can post any pics of other doodles.

Warning! Link-heavy text below. Each item should take you to the item's page on Geek Cantina's site.
Also, the icecube trays from a Geek Cantina came in yesterday. Skele-fishies (makes 4 BIG ice cubes) and Dead-Fishies (makes 8 good-sized ice cubes). I can't remember if I posted about the other ordered stuff, so.. I also ordered a stapleless-stapler, cute design!, a Warcraft Axe... the thing's almost as big as my cellphone!(LG Gossip) The glow-in-the-dark (sample size) Thinking Putty is a fun lil stress reliever. My roommate loves her Garlic mints and the foldable camping spork(free gift with order, I believe), Gag-gifted some friends with the Tenga Eggs.. what looks like a stress-reliever is really an adult-fun toy, and I'm finding the Absinthe Mints really nice after eating something spicy or heavy on flavour. (they taste a bit like licorice).

Ordering was as easy as it could possibly be, and that includes setting up an account. I received 2?...3?? emails in one day : a notice that the order'd been received, that it was processed, and then picked up by the mail service. The last one had a tracking number with it, so I could follow the whereabouts of the package.
In roughly a week I had the package, except the ice-cube trays, they were on back-order.

I can't wait to have some extra cash so I can send a box full of the bacon items to Lar.

Still.. if you're Canadian, and looking for awesome geek stuff.. Geek Cantina is out in Winnipeg.. so there's no  customs or border-fees, and they even have a 'discount code' on the checkout page to help you save money, how awesome is that!?

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