Monday, May 30, 2011

Sometimes, a preserver

Everyone needs some help sometimes.
Often enough, that help will come from an unexpected or unusual source.

Do you have a life-jacket for when the ship's going down? A life-raft? Some need a life-preserver tossed to them, preferably with a rope attached so while they struggle against the current & waves & sharks trying to drag them under, they can be pulled in closer to safety.

I've been on both ends of that line in my life. Will always more gladly accept being the one pulling the rope, than the one clinging to the preserver.
And then sometimes.. just sometimes... you are the preserver.
Then what do you do?

This was done in 20 minutes, from concept to publishing here.. yeah, I rushed things through and it's a bit sloppier than my normal quick-works. Also, it seems my photoshop has crashed & refuses to work. Time to reinstall.. *yay*

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