Sunday, May 8, 2011

Things I hate Drawing

So, this week I've decided to really abuse myself.

A friend lent me their P90X fitness dvds..and now I'm going to spend the week drawing the things I hate drawing, because they either take more time than I want(to look good when finished), or I'm not as skilled as I'd like to be, and drawing them only brings to focus my lack of skill in drawing said item.

All of the drawings will be roughs(blue), with some shading for added substance.

SO.. I tried the first part of this P90X thing. Now, I'm a big guy. I stand 6'2 and weigh in at roughly 280lbs.
When I left the military I was in better shape than when I was in. And that was years ago. Many things have contributed to me being in the shape I am now, and frankly I'm sick of it. I used to be a nice, firm, imposing 230.lbs. And I aim to get back there. I am going to get away from these 44-waist pants and back into something I like. And I *liked* fitting into my 36-jeans.

Problems though: 1: I only have the dvds, not the nutrition guide, or any of the required gear for the proper workout. Now, my roommate has 2X 2.5lb, and 1 vinyl-covered weights, and I've got 2 steel-cast(much better than the sand-filled vinyl) 45.lbs dumbbells.
I can go out and get a yoga mat for traction & stability (thank you, tax-return) and some in-between weights. A chin-up bar will be something else. One of those ones that uses a door-frame would be good, but it'll have to come in time.
SO.. while I'm not going to worry about the nutrition guide for now (roomy & I decided to start eating healthier.. no chips or cookies on the last grocery run.. a shytload of apples & oranges though), I am going to have to get something to stabilize myself quickly. Our apartment floor is all tile, with laminate-wood in the bedrooms.

Oh..I forgot to mention I sweat.. a LOT..when I do any cardio. Sweat + tile = slippery like greased ice.
I'm not a cardio guy. I'm a muscle guy. I build it quickly, lose it slowly(which is the opposite of the norm), but cardio just kills me.
So, I'll be updating this thing a bit with my weight-loss/strength training thing as well as my art.
I tried part of a routine today to see what it was all about.. and it's pretty honkin intense.

Anyhow..enough of that.. here's some quick art - all freehand. Eventually I'll start using a ruler, but I want a steady freehand line first.

So, one of the things I hate drawing is buildings. Buildings require perspective. Multiple angles of perspective.
And the problem there is that the real world view of buildings is never as neat and perfect as it is on paper. To draw a building realistically means things slope and sag and are missing or overlapping or just.. not nice and neat and ruler-friendly on paper.

So.. here's a "from a tree-fort" view of a simple house, looking out to the street.

Pain is weakness leaving the body, and artistic-self-discipline is creative-skill growing stronger.

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