Tuesday, June 28, 2011

10AM sketchpad

So, there's a twitter thing going on that Inkybat (a.k.a. Eric Orchard, Artist of Mighty Abilities) has started - something about posting an image of what's on your sketchboard/pad/drawing table at 10am that day.

Seeing as how I'm not living the dream(being paid to draw and create), but rather working a "real" job at that time.. I lag rather far behind for the 10am time-slot.. but here's a little something anyhow.. don't remember when or where I doodled it..but every time I think I can't draw women, I stumble across this a short while later.

Also.. I got a call.. I got the job! There's some paperwork to sign between now and when it starts, so I should have roughly a week between quitting what I'm doing now and starting the new job, which gives me time to change my sleep schedule, acquire more office-oriented clothing (which is more in the field of my education, so, yay!) , and bring my typing speed (a slow -for me-75 words per minute) up to par of about 80-85 wpm. (my fastest has been 105wpm)

*Sigh* That's one less worry to deal with. And it's a long-weekend coming up so.. more yay!

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