Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ahhhh bollockses

I swear to God.. if today had lasted any longer, I'd have to hurt someone out of sheer frustration and anger just so I could get locked away from people and the world for a good while.

It seems like, despite this week marching steadily along, it's not ending..but as it goes along, it just gets worse and worse.

The work-day doesn't end nearly fast enough.. the night isn't long enough, and the weather just isn't merciful enough. But tomorrow is friday. Maybe, God willing.. things will improve tomorrow.
I still have to put a half-day in on saturday.. but there's appointments to go to tomorrow, and despite the call for rain and muggy might actually work out that the weatherman doesn't know shyte again, and it could just possibly be a nice day. But I doubt it.. when it comes to bad weather, the weathernetwork is (in my opinion) almost never wrong.. which sucks.

Anyhow.. a lil bit of colour splatterand some layer transitions.

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