Sunday, June 12, 2011

GIMPy art

So.. that shed I was talking about yesterday?

It's up, roof's on, doors are in, it's built.
Still not the right door sags about 3-inches under the front gable...but it ain't my shed, and my roomy's dad just wanted it up. Maybe if he's really lucky, we'll get a couple days of really heavy rain and the ground underneath'll soak it up and it'll level itself off. (I made sure to force the guys working on it to leave at least 1/2inch channels between the stones for runoff)

Ran into a problem: aside from the completely ass-backwards instructions (build this, build that, put them aside. build this, install that, put it aside - uh can't put aside something you just installed - it's been installed!), one of the windows that's supposed to be caulked into place is also supposed to be removeable.
Honestly, the shed reminds me more of a very large kid's playhouse than a utility shed.
I wound up with some caulking on my fingers and thumb. Except it's not actually caulk. It's industrial-grade solvent to be used as caulking (essentially melting the tops of the acrylic window & the plastic shed and melding them together once it's dried).
So.. my drawing hand is tender. I followed the (useless) instructions on the `in case of contact with skin`.. soap & plenty of water just made the goop go from fingertips to fingers and palm.

Anyhow.. I wound up messing around in The GIMP today for a little bit.. still testing it out and just..yeah, aside from a couple of things, it's not too shabby. As soon as I can re-assign they keyboard shortcuts, I'll stop  auto-piloting into the wrong tool.
Here's a quick lil doodle I did while playing with some things in it:

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