Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday, Monday(again)

So effing tired.
The upshot is, I got off work early due to it being fairly dead.
Wonder how this is going to effect my hours.
Which leads me to worry about the car fundage and affordability of insurance and all the other
bills that are lurking in the shadows to take a swipe at me.

But, I suppose it could be worse.. I could be in some country where I'd be more worried about
acquiring enough clean drinking water or uncontaminated food for the day or something like that.

So.. quick face doodle.. 'cause I'm about 3 winks from nose-grinding into my pillow:

I'm really liking how The GIMP allows me to shade with my stylus. Though I'm wishing I could shortcut a key-press or something to go from 100% pressure to Pressure-Sensitive to swap between nice crisp hard lines & shaded lines on a whim without worry.
Ah well.

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