Thursday, June 2, 2011

Oh, Clients, it's not always you.

There's a site called `Clients from Hell`, and honestly, half the things up there are just pure human-stupid. Always on the client's part, otherwise the site'd have to be called something else.

Well, communication goes both ways, and I am pretty sure that half the time it's the designers simply not paying enough attention or listening.

I'm sure if there was an `Employees from Hell` site, it'd be sloshed-full with HR manager's stories, employers and co-workers venting.

I've been waking up with "Wolverine" hair for a it's definitely time to get a 'fro-chopping done.
Through a friend, I was introduced to a wonderful place that a) is cheap, and 2) just as importantly, does a great job. Seriously.. these folks could be charging double, or matching general salons... but they don't.
Why? Because they're not greedy.
Which is really weird in a business sense.

Anyhow, I got to talking with someone while getting my hair cut, and said someone asked if I'd design them a logo that contains certain elements.
Now.. normally I can make out words and noises from a mute person...but for some reason, I couldn't make out `scissors` from the person's accent. I kept hearing `caeser's`.
Thankfully, we got it all sorted out before I left.. because I was definitely having some creative challenge with trying to figure out how to incorporate a caeser's wreath(like the old olympiad design) into the other elements.

Ahhh, fun stuffs.
So, these are some really quick doodles, trying to get a sense of where some of the elements could come together & save some space.

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