Tuesday, June 7, 2011


So, okay.. I'm not doing a theme on duality afterall.

Yesterday was such a wash of a day.. even though something good came out of it.. and I hate how it came about.

I don't have many friends. The ones I have are married, and are having kids and all that kinda married-type stuff.
I always hate getting a job on a referral from a friend, because I don't want something to happen, and my friend look bad because of me.

And yet, here I am, starting a new job on monday, because a friend's wife referred me to her boss.
Here's hoping things work out for once.. for a couple months things'll be fine.. but I've got to find someone to carpool with, because this place is far enough off the bus routes that summer heat and winter snow are going to make getting there such a pain in the arse... and I don't want to think about that right now..

But I do. Because I'm a worst-case-scenario guy. Give me any.. ANY situation, and I'll be able to think of how it can be worse.
I'm not a pessimist. I'm a hopeful-realist. I hope for good things, and try to prepare for the worst.

And here's a lil.. I dunno what the hell this is. It's not what I started out drawing, that's for sure.
Instead, it's a conglomeration of digital ink, pastel, charcoal, acrylic and airbrushing.
Maybe I'll put it up on my deviant art account as a print...

And for those curious.. I don't know who or what I've pissed off, but even my install-cd's are missing my adobe programs. So now I'm pissed..and bewildered. I know digital data is only good for X-amount of years, but c'mon!! The cd's aren't even 5-years old..and ALL of them are missing their programs!! All the other files are there.
So I thought I'd download a trial version and "upgrade" with my registry codes.
Errors installing.
Something out there doesn't want me using photoshop, flash, illustrator or dreamweaver.. and it can slurp my hairy ass crack I am so damned mad. ....not that it makes any sense to be mad at something that can bugger a laptop & cd's to the point it's like the programs never existed, and eucher fresh installs after wiping registry-keys.
At least Corel Painter Essentials hasn't crapped out on me yet.

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