Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sick and Tired

Well, it's another *wonderful* day.

I've completely ignored what I've been eating, and basically ate junk all day, so now my body's punishing me and I'm kind of sick.
Add that to being ferociously tired all week, and there's the reasoning behind the title of this post.

That.. and I'm just generally sick & tired of the way life goes. Nothing is ever easy, and when things start to look up, something else comes along to remind me of just how God-damned and miserable it really is down here.

Example: Employed, not making enough money.. go to school. School & work conflicts.. make school priority.
Economy crashes (and the bullshit lies the government feed us about how we've "turned a corner" with the economy only make me madder) 3 months before I graduate. 6 months before that, local big-time employers shut their doors, and people with decades experience in my field are fighting for the same jobs I am.

Finally get a job. Carpool with friend who's going on mat-leave soon. Need to save for a car, because place is just that far off the bus-path, and non-bike-friendly come winter/dog-days-of-summer.
Looking at insurance quotes alone, and doing some quick&dirty math.. can't afford to get to work without carpool.. and only person close enough to carpool without complications is said friend going on mat-leave soon. Feck.

So..maybe I'm just crazy.. or depressed..or...something. But it just seems like for every *potential* high-point, there are at least 3 big, mud-hole-in-your-ass-with-spiked-boots stomping low-points waiting to pounce.

Don't tell me it's bound to get better or something like that.. show me that it gets better for guys like me.
Tired of Catch-22, spinning my wheels & running around in circles.

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