Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bit of a hiatus?

Okay.. so I haven't really posted anything in a few days.
...though my mind's trying to tell my I *did* post something a couple days ago.. regardless, even a one-day miss is too much for something that's supposed to be everyday.

So, I just spent roughly 3 & 1/2 hours from concept to restructure after some friendly advice from the amazing Kevin Mellon via twitter & twitpic. I knew I had something wrong.. had a bit of a time pinning it down to what.. turns out it was a couple things, with one big thing. Ouch. Thought I was better than this.. but hey, we all gots room to grow..and I keep learning (that hard way) that the moment I think I know something or am at a certain level, I don't know jack and get knocked down a few levels.

Anyhow.. time for some labour-of-love.. Batgirl surprising Harley Quinn:
Finished Piece:

Initial quick-rough works:

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