Thursday, July 7, 2011

Quick works from Twitter

Okay.. so I started to doodle something out..and it was turning out kind of okay, I could see some areas I'd have to redraw and re-proportion and such..decided I wanted to do something outside of my own imagination.

Hello Twitter!
Took some random words from a few tweets and conglomerated it into this super-quick sketch of an unholy mess: A Cosmic Panda that cannot Sleep because a Dragonfrog doesn't know how to Cook.

Come to think of it.. a lot of people don't know how to cook.
Sure, they can order pizza, or make anything `instant` or pre-prepared.. but when's the last time you actually made a roast, diced the onions, chopped the taters, peeled the carrots and seasoned the meat?
Or, better yet.. killed the chicken, plucked it, disemboweled & cleaned it, then seasoned & cooked it?

I've done all that. And what did I make for dinner tonight?
Wieners & beans.. with some diced carrot tossed in. The cooked carrot altered the beans' flavour a little.. a nice little touch, but not something I'd want all the time.
Oddly enough, I hated wieners & beans as a kid. ...not my favourite now, but I'll eat it.
Instead of buttered toast, I put some cheese on a pita & let the beans' heat melt the cheese, then had-at it.. not too shabby.

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