Monday, July 18, 2011

Retro-style, baby

So.. things are regressing nicely.. wait, what!?

Yeah. Apparently, things at work have gone almost completely backwards - instead of easing into the system, we've been dumped into the fire by complete accident.
But that's alright.. fire burns away the chaff, melts off the dross and even destroys the building..but leaves the solid cores, gems and purified metals.
But, instead of the typical `whaaaaaat are you doooiiiinnng?? We can't handle thiiiiis...Waaaaaah` that's prevalent in the workplace.. I muscle on through. Because yanno what? I can. And I *do* like a challenge every so often. Especially if it means things oughta get a bit easier once said challenge is done, and the skills learned from overcoming that challenge are cemented in my repertoire.

Doodled a bit of Karate Squid while on a break at work.. no Bondage Squid.. I was at work, afterall. If you're curious about Bondage Squid.. go ask Lar deSouza - he got a Bondage Squid Plushie (one of a kind) at Fan Expo 2010.

So, thinking what kinda critters would a Karate Squid fight?.. Ninja Turtles came to mind immediately. Maybe a Sumo Shark or something.. but Ninja Turtle works.

So.. here ya go.

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