Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tomorrow is another (work) day

Hey folks..

I start my new-new job tomorrow.. excited and can't wait to see how things go.
I really hope it lives up to some of the tv-dreams I've got about office-work and cubicles and the whole deal.. but it probably won't because we live in a PC-fear-of-lawsuits-lack-of-humour world nowadays..

So, you may've noticed I didn't update yesterday, or for a couple days... well, I've been spending more time on the Google+ thing.. and wow it's freakin awesome!

Thanks to Inkybat / Eric Orchard I've been able to connect with, at last on a very thin skein of internet-style-connect a bunch of amazing artists.
Starting to feel like some kind of peeping-tom pervert being able to see the comments and awesome works these folks share.
And I mean SHARE.

So far, Google+ has been a place where I've seen a few pages, up to entire comics being uploading by the creators, shared.. things I wouldn't have found or enjoyed otherwise.

So, here's a little something I shared with the people in the "Art" social-circle I've got:

And the community.. seems bent on being friendly, safe and keeping it that way.
I recently read a post about one user coming to the defense of another who was ... semi-politely propositioned ... by another user. Now that's community, man.
No flame-war, no textual-castrations, just `yo, that ain't appropriate` and back to doing the things we do.

I realize Google+ is still in the infancy stages.. still kept in it's playpen, if you will (mostly closed beta stage).
And I have the fear that once it's open, the raging flood of typical shit-disturbers will commence their shit-disturbing and cause issues, as seems to be the (unnecessary) Norm.

Someone also touched on the use of pseudonyms and fake profiles.
This is a little troubling, because let's face it.. when someone names their kid 'Apple' or "Lemonjello' as has happened in the past, it becomes harder to write a program that accepts a name as a name, and not whatever gibberish someone wants to put in just to create a false profile.

But it's still growing, adjusting to the users and issues and suggestions..and despite still being such a `young` social project... it's easily more accessible and intuitive, cleaner and less-cluttered than anything that's come before.

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