Monday, August 1, 2011


Kind of weird, sometimes I think, that we live in the present, plan for the future, and fondly remember parts of the past, while simultaneously wishing we could forget other parts... and while as kids we'd look forward to things, like birthday, as we get older, some of us, want to sweep them under the rug. And then there's things that we mark on our calendars, or the calendars in our heads anyhow, and we count down the days to.

For example, I've got the release of Dead Island and Batman: Arkham City on my calendar. I know vaguely when they're coming out, more the time of the month they're being released in rather than the exact day. That's why it's on my calendar, so I don't have to remember the exact date, and if I forget, it's there written down.

I also count down to things I'd like to go to, but probably won't. Fan Expo is an example.. and of a greater importance (I went to fan expo in 2010, did NOT like how it was. Am only about 30% interested in ever re-attending), the Nerd Girl Burlesque thing that's going on.. it happens to be taking place on another significant date for me.

But I run into this problem: I don't want to go by myself, but none of my friends are a)into comics and such, or 2) into burlesque. The thing on point-2 is that they see it as porn, and this pisses me off, because only at it's worst is it possibly porn. When it's bad, it's just stripping. When it's good, it's art..and when it's great, it's a wonderful art-of-the-tease performance piece.

I've also got this awkward scenario dreamt up in my head where I'd run into someone and it would be a `you?-you!` kind of scenario that could go either bad or good, depending.

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