Saturday, August 6, 2011

Maquette, statue, bust, action-figure

Okay.. for the purpose of using the lingo herein, let me differentiate between action figures and "imagination dolls" - Imagination dolls (like barbie) are about the clothes and accessories and lifestyle reams. Action figures are about the adventure and conflicts and weaponized accessories.

Now, I've got a couple of G.I.Joe's.. those're action figures.. multiple points of articulation, weapon accessories, and little stands on which I can pose them.
I recently picked up some - what I understand to be - maquettes. Basically PVC statues, but we'll differentiate actual statues as being made of something more sturdy, i.e., it won't melt if left in sunlight/a heated area for a few hours.  Because of the price, I passed on buying a very sweet, from-just-below-the-nipples-and-up bust of Harley Quinn, who, as some of you may know, is easily one of my favourite Villainess'.

So, instead of my own art, I'll be posting some images of the 3 maquettes I have, with some comments on them.

First up, the Ame-Comi version of Robin.
The first time I ever saw Robin as a girl was in Frank Miller's the Dark Knight. Very kick-ass, in my opinion, and from that moment on, I wondered why Batman didn't have a female Robin from that point out. I really enjoy how she's wearing these huge, padded (if not armoured) gloves, and the redesign of the outfit to be more acrobatic singlet with some flare around the hips. Not entirely certain how I feel about that utility-pouch belt around the thigh, but it certainly adds something.
While I don't have an overly accurate measuring option right now, I *do* know that the distance from the tip of my thumb to the tip of my middle finger is approximately 8 inches, and the Robin and Duela Dent maquettes are clearly a solid 9-inches+. I couldn't get a decent in-focus back-shot of Robin, and plans for the night are marching along steadily, so I have to be as quick as I can, despite rambling here.

Now we've got Duela Dent as a Steampunk Joker:

Unfortunately, on the back-image of Duela, the flash blocks out the acid-level, which is a nice touch, clearly 2 pieces put together, one as a level, the other as the cover. Her arms move at the glove-line, as well as her head, which is nice. I saw this maquette and wanted to buy it, but held off for a while, as I did with the Robin maquette. After a quick google-image search for 'Duela Dent', I came across what appeared to be an old comic cover, of Harvey Dent/Two-Face holding a gun to what I immediately thought was a drawn Tim Curry-as-Dr. Frank.N.Furter... but it was Duela Dent. Man, I mean this was a spitting-image comic adaptation face of Tim Curry from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
After a little more research, it seems that Duela Dent was part of the Teen Titans for a while, claiming to be the daughter of each of Batman's 'greatest villains' (Joker, Penguin, Two-Face, Riddler) and it was eventually told that she's actually Dent's daughter, with, golly gee, a personality disorder.

Now up is a relatively tiny (almost half the height of Duela, who is a bit taller than Robin) Ame-Comi Batgirl, at a mere 5-6inches.
I really should point out, that while this was made in china, and I hate buying things from china.. knowing that it was made in china, I shouldn't have been surprised at a) the severe angle of the mould - look a the side-shot and how far back she leans -completely off the centre-of-gravity, and 2) I had to take my Dremel tool out and 1)enlarge and B) deepen the hole in her boot to fit on the peg of the small circular stand.

These gals now sit next to my laptop, which is under some great pin-up art from Lar deSouza, and add a little more charm to my abode.

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