Sunday, August 14, 2011


So, I'm thinking I'd like to start making some wallpapers for people - well, whoever would request one, really. Wallpapers for cellphones, to narrow it down.  Of course, I'd be doing the original image ina  desktop size, and then just resizing it to fit whatever the cellphone resolution is. I know my own phone's resolution is about 320X240pixels, but it's not a 'smartphone' or anything like, so I'd have to look up the specs for whatever phone the person owns if they don't include their screen resolution with their request.

In my own style (because I really only have my own), and of just about(key words) any subject.

And for some reason I did a Green Arrow in a .....different.. Green Arrow outfit.. with a lightsabre-styled bow.

So, if anyone wants anything done.. let me know.

Green Arrow!

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