Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Works in progress

Diamonds in the rough. Works in progress.
A lump of clay.  A freshly hewn block of stone. A blank canvas.

We're all 'works in progress'...none of us is ever `done`.. even when death comes to claim us, there are still things we could have been working on to improve ourselves as people.

I think artists (the all-encompassing term, not just specific to those who create visual art) are a bit more aware of this than the average person - or perhaps, how badly they want to improve at something... because there's always someone out there that they perceive as better than them - at all stages of the thing.

So here's a work-in-progress I'm sharing:
Generally, whenever I draw a woman, especially the face, winds up looking quite man-ish.
And yet, while working on one of the world's better known 'amazons'...the face has to remain feminine, despite the muscled, chiseled (for a woman) physique.

And yes, I had decided to redesign the costume a bit.. something a bit more practical for an amazonian warrioress. I blame http://www.superheroofthemonth.com/ for spurring the redesign on. ^_^

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