Sunday, September 25, 2011

Aaaaand...... GO!

I don't do cardio. I can go the gym and bang weights, work machines, get on a stationary bike and go nuts for a while..but give me `proper` (i.e., treadmill, running) cardio, and it does me in.
I've never had it. Strength in spades by comparison.
Sometimes I think life would be a lot easier if it were like a race. That way you could train properly and when the whistle/gun/horn sounded, off and away you go. Time for a few years of general education - tweeeeeet!! Okay, time for career-specific education - Tweeeeeet!! Okay, now it's time for the house, kids and spouse - tweeeeeeet!!

But we live in a glut of information society.. insta-everything and we get cranky when we have to wait 5 minutes for something we're used to be almost-instant.  Makes me think the old-old-old school was the better way.  Because for the most part, a kids the age of 8(roughly) was out with one of the parents, learning, working, and being some kind of productive.  By the time they were 20, they'd have about a decade of work experience under their belt, so is it any wonder the 'builders of the ancient world' made things that are so amazing??

None of this generalized taste-of-every-pie education crap, let's see what you're good at, and what you like, and then throw you headfirst into that kind of educative career path. Yes, I realize that's not exactly how the old-old-old system was, but there's too many bleeding hearts demanding youth be treated as everything but to just make choices for the kids and expect them to comply.


Anyhow.. playing with some light and shadow again.

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