Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dipping back to Painter

Given the stresses at work lately, and what with my roommate just adding to them (and I don't know why, normally she's fairly cool about things.. but lately she's just really getting on my nerves in disgusting ways), I HAD to draw something.. doodle something.. paint something.

I don't use Corel Painter Essentials 4 very often (it came with my Wacom Bamboo Fun+) anymore.. but I do love how it replicates brush-strokes.

While trying to think of something to creatively vent.. I recalled a tweet by the always talented Eric Orchard about Painter and decided I'd whip this mixed-media up in an effort to show him some of the subtleties and niceness that Painter has over say, Photoshop, for painting.
Sure, you can make brushed in PS, but unless you are anally-meticulous and go through the various trial&error strokes to see the effects, PS custom brushes are fairly useless for replicating that actual-paint feeling that Painter (as per it's name, duh) captures.

So, this is watercolours over-top round-bristle acrylics with very few fine-point-pen ink lines and some light airbrushing inside the swirl.


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