Sunday, September 18, 2011

Manga Studio Ex 4

You know when you buy something on sale, and find it on sale again 3 weeks later at a cheaper price?
Yeah, that just happened to me.

Normally retailing for something like 4-500 buckazoids, I decided that when it went on sale, I'd buy it.
And I did, for about 150-200 buckazoids instead.  Then I find it on sale for even less.. though I might be mistaken, and instead of Ex4 it's actually the other version, which is basically a toned-down rendition.

Either way, I've been trying to take this program for a test run for a while now.. and finally got a chance today, without distractions, to do that.

So.. one of the first things I notice is that, the Beginner's Helper thing is nice.. but it takes up too much screen space.  For those of us accustomed to photoshop or Gimp, we're used to our tools on the left, layers/colours/mixer/etc on the right. ..well, as general defaults. All the stuff here is on the right. Something to get used to but NO!.. I turned the Beginner's Helper function off, like an idiot.

And then spend about 10 minutes going through the online manual to figure out why nothing would work in colour under the Draw tab, but it would under the Sketch tab. And then I learned how to essentially turn colours on and have the program stop pissing me off.

I am a fan of instruction manuals - not the online variety, either. I'm a fan, in general, of the material. Of being able to hold something in my hand and go `yup, that thing right there is..well, that thing right here, in my hand`.

So, while I'm still learning what this program is capable of (both raster and vector art, which is nice) I'm also shaving off what little bits of patience I have left for things like new programs that usually require you to learn on your own.
I thought the tutorial videos might help.. but no. Can't enlarge the embedded videos, and there's no sound. So not only can I not really see what the person is doing (or read the tabs/options/text of the thing they just clicked), but there's no audio description of what's going on either.
Major deduction in happy-points, folks.

But the general upshot is that this program has quite a few added-in features like panels and word balloons and such, which really just help kill some of the time-eating things for making comics.

Also, as I have now just learned.. the pages go pretty much one way, despite changing their orientation.
A book is a book is book, not a fucking calendar, it seems.  Though I'm sure if I rip some more of my hair out and search harder than hard, I can find out how to change it from tall to wide (or landscape, if you prefer).

Also, while I know this is designed for making manga books (ugh) the guide that is automatically on deceived me quite a bit, as I thought perhaps nothing outside the box would be saved, that it would be cropped.

WRONG.. and here's the proof:

Also, a very large poke-in-the-eye-with-a-sharp-stick to the person who decided that Wolverine should have mutton-chop sideburns... as I can't draw a person with long sideburns or muttonchops, and their hair slicked back, without thinking it looks like Wolverine now.

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