Monday, September 5, 2011

Pinball Creativity

There's this thing I call 'Pinball Creativity'.

Essentially what happens is, you read something, hear something, observe something.. but not much, only a little bit, and like the coiled-spring in a pinball machine, it fires off an idea to go bouncing around your head for a while, and when the product finally comes out, it very rarely if ever is obviously from whence it came.

(because while it *is* possible to flipper-shoot the ball back into the launchpad, it doesn't happen very often while playing pinball)

This is what has brought the following image about.

And I can blame Cameron M Stewart for it. Blame?? Thank, I suppose. Either one works, depending, hah!
He had posted a link to an image on twitter, and I looked at it..and while trying to be funny, most likely made myself out to be a nitpicky asshole. But it bounced something around in my head for a bit.

So, here you go.. if you like it, thank Cameron Stewart and share it (giving proper credit & link-back, of course)

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