Sunday, October 30, 2011

Has it really been a week!?

Good Lord how time flies.
And I'm not talking about Time Lords and their machinations on the time-lines of worlds.

It seems like I've just had a weekend break from work, then it can't be friday fast enough and suddenly it's sunday night again.

I need another long weekend.  Mostly on account of so I can just get sick, get over it, and be all better again.
I'm not sick-sick, but I've got a cough and a half, sometimes it's so bad my head swims and vision becomes this odd blur of swirling colours - and at work, that means a lot of gray and beige smashed together.

Anyhow.. continuing with the Alphabeasts thing, here is the Cat Sidhe, or Ca Sith / Cait Sith, of Scottish lore.

Basically, depending on what you choose to believe, it's either a cat-faery/faerie/fairy/fairie/whatever or it's a witch named Cait Sith that's been turned into a black cat with a white splotch on it's chest.

Or, y'know.. the annoying and usually useless critter from Final Fantasy VII that rode around on the giant Moogle. least, I *think* it was a Moogle.


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