Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It beings...without ending!

Man alive.. it's not even halloween and I'm seeing christmas ads.

What.the.FUCKLEBERRIES batman!?

Don't we ever get a month off from all the 'rush out and buy stuff or you're a horrible fun-hating monster!' advertising crap?

And now I realize I haven't posted anything in WAY to long - sorry folks.
Not that there's anyone who really reads this thing on a regular basis, especially because hey, I haven't updated in what, 2 weeks?

Anyhow.. while the roomie was watching Supernatural (season 6) I whipped out the sketchbook and doodled a lil ol' Jimmie Gordon, while thinking about how awesome the little snatches of Batman: Year One that I've seen are.

Personally, I'd like to see something like a " Batman - Vigilante " where he's still starting out, maybe not as vicious on the criminals as he needs to be yet, and the cops are definitely hunting him down - maybe even with a young Gordon being the lead detective on the Batman case - which would completely lead to run-ins and opportunities to show some growth into the relationship we often see Batman & Gordon having in The Animated Series

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