Sunday, November 6, 2011

A price of greatness

It dawns on me that, as surely as man is capable of greatness as high as the heavens, and depravity as deep as hell, more and more we(the world) are losing great things.

From quotes that become cliches, to people who have the appearance of greatness but are in truth crumbling pillars of achievements.. Steve Jobs is a halfway okay example - the man is held up as a pioneer, though he's really just the figurehead of other people's brilliant works.  He's noted for great things that really aren't his, but is also proclaimed to be one miserable son of a bitch when it comes to people in general.

And this, to me, seems to be horribly necessary thing.  Those who aspire to greatness must forsake the things that most take for granted and enjoy, so it appears.
There's a wierd happenstance there - and the best example I can think of is soldiers.
One would think that, for one to have an ultimate soldier, said soldier has nothing to lose - most often those with nothing to lose are the most dangerous, right? - so no family, no real close friends, whatever yadda-blah.

But it turns out, that the best soldiers in the world are the ones with families and friends and people depending on them. The ones with highly valued, important(to them) things to lose.

Rising above and beyond, achieving amazing things, spurning the weak flesh and bone to outperform what is supposedly the limitations of such.

People possessed.

Throughout the history of the world, spirits, demons/daemons, ghosts, powers and fantastical beasts have been a part of it.

And if there's one thing that's often shown, it's that a person possessed has a spark of greatness imbued unto them - though usually that greatness is of a great evil, instead of a great good.

And so for Monday's #Alphabeasts, I choose to waterpaint & palette knife the daemon.

Eyed and non-eyed version.  I tried for a formless form, much as that contradicts itself.  Not the archetype of the goat-hooved, horned, rad-skinned and tailed beastie, but the spirit, the animated void that emanates terror and evil and sends people raving to the madhouse.

Not sure which I like more.. the one with or without eyes.. there is something about an eyeless critter that just knows where you are... but then, there's also something about same said critter being able to clearly peer into your soul.

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