Saturday, January 8, 2011


So I *just* got up.

Thanks to my ignorantly self-absorbed neighbours, I got 38 minute of sleep last night.
Then I spent the day at a friend's place, out in the negative-tempuratures, while the snow swirled and blasted like a sadist on a streak, being coated in hot-water mist and the atomized remnants of chicken-poop.

My friend is a chicken farmer. And I really appreciate KFC...because if I'm going to coated head to toe(literally) in your poop, I want to know you and your kind are being devoured by mine.

My poor workboots though.. got soaked in everything today.

If there's any local massage-therapy students looking for someone to try stuff on.. I'm here.

Friday, January 7, 2011

First Lar-Stream of the year

So it's friday.. and Lar deSouza did his first ustream of the year. It's still going on as I type this.. and the man is just so many kinds of awesome.

He's playing his rapid-fire-sketech-game..which means that the people in the chat shout out their ideas, and he spends roughly 1 minute quick-sketching the ideas he likes. He's picked 2 of mine so far... which is 2 out of all the ones I've ever given, to my knowledge. So yeah, I'm a lil wow'ed.
Pineapple Rhino and Bat-clown - the mother^&%#!ing Bat-clown.

Much as I would love to do these ideas myself, I know the man can do them proper justice. I look forward to the finished images when he's done with them.

SO.. while in the Lar-stream, 10pm hit..and it's time to draw. If you don't know, I typically start at 10pm, with no idea what I'm going to doodle, draw, paint or make.. so I asked for some suggestions..and I got Flash (Wally West) and Ninjas.. so.. we've got some zippy-speed ninja's about to leap into fast-action with the Flash.

A little bit of watercolour for the speed-lines, airbrush for shading, and just general pen for the rest of it.

I seem to be on a wee bit of a DC kick so far this year...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

DC Emblems

So.. weird thing, I found an old copy of "The Dark Knight Strikes Again", which is the sequel to "The Dark Knight Returns"... and I was reminded of something.

Time and time again, Batman just up and trumps Superman. Sure, in a fist-fight Superman could turn Batman into powder.. but it never fails that Batman out-thinks and out-plans Superman... but Hal Jordan/Green Lantern could easily whup the pair of them..and has, from what I've seen and read.. saved Batman's spandex'd butt a few times. ....Although, Batman'd only have to wait until the ring needs recharging and then strike.. but I doubt GL'd give him that chance.

So.. Superman loses to Batman... but Green Lantern, in the end.. owns Batman... how and why?? Simple: Batman'd never be able to slink around the shadows in a bright-yellow bat-outfit. Hehn.

Green Lantern

So the furvor over Ryan Reynolds playing Hal Jordan in the upcoming Green Lantern movie is growing, apparently.

I don't know.. I've never been a big Green Lantern fan...and with the glut of machismo, emo-ified(spiderman3, christian bale in thedark knight?)heroes..or reboots/mild continuations of classics, such as Superman... I'm kind of surprised DC didn't go with Wonder Woman.

Done right, it could be an amazing blockbuster about many things.. especially if it avoided the feminist BS and PC-sensitivity that seems to be everywhere in any movie with a "strong female protagonist"... if nothing else, really, given the background of Wonder Woman.. the movie could easily have storyline included about the redemption of men(not mankind, but men) and at least slay some of the misandry that's passed about without even a half-thought, let alone criticism.

Anyhow.. they're going with Green Lantern.. and we'll see if the CG stands up to fanboy dreams and box-office expectations.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Mother%#@&!ing Batman

Ok.. so, I watched " Under the Red Hood" last night...and I came to a conclusion that's been discussed I'm sure, but not by anyone I know. Don't get me wrong, I understand that the timeline of "redhood" is Robin#2 and he's supposed to die, so Bruce is still young & spry... but still....

Batman must be immortal. I mean sure, Darkseid killed him..and now DC is bringing him back.

But before that.. think about it. Let's say Bruce Wayne was 18 when he finished his trainings and started doing the Batman thing. Then let's say he's 23-24 when he takes in Dick Grayson, and trains him to be Robin, and after say, 8 years let's guess (this is all heresay and guessing on my part, so keep your panties untwisted, ok?) Dick goes on to become Nightwing and a year or so passes before Robin2 comes into play. This puts Bruce at roughly 30-35. By the time Robin#3 comes and goes (I think that was the and the other robin steps in.. that's got to be at least another 5 years. ...and now Bruce's son Damien is playing Robin?(granted, with Dick playing Batman, 'cause Bruce is dead, right?..wrong)
Bruce is getting up there. So let's say that by the time Darkseid does him in, Batman's in his mid-50s at best. Now, okay.. the guy's in incredible shape, that, if he was real, would make Bruce Lee look like a pansy.

But man alive... I want to live in comic books. Dead? Just wait for some fresh-blood writer to bring you back. Old age?? Only if someone writes you in as an old-timer doing flashbacks. Continuity?? What the heck is that!?!?

I've read Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns (and loved it.. too bad Bruce doesn't do the mustache more often)..this is where you find the girl-robin I mentioned. That, and in ame-comi statuette/maquettes..for roughly 70$ a pop.

Batman. Unkillable. Immortal. One scary 12-letter-word you can accurately call your father but really really shouldn't. (and if you do, and your dad punches you in the face, you deserve it, stupid)

So.. a quick-sketch of Batman on a rooftop corner, looking down at the city.
One, simple colours:

and the Batman nobody wants to run into....

amazing what a lil red-to-the-eyes will do, ehn? amazing all the instant-connections a colour can make.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

More Mr.Schrieber

So.. yeah.. I got thinking about caricature, and how it's basically an exaggeration of what's there..
and while a lot of folks would just make a big nose or ears biggers ..sometimes it's making something smaller, too. Sure, Liev Schrieber has a notable nose, and an awesome bulb for a chin, but he's also got some great eyebrows and an almost-non-existant upper lip to take advantage of. For how deep his eyes are, they're pretty big, too..but it's the colour that helps them pop.. making the whites stand out even more..

or at least, from the images I could scrounge out of google to look at, anyhow.

So here's a bit more refined, then coloured version of some caricature of Liev Schrieber.

The hair was a bit of a challenge. He's got an iconic hairline.. but the golden/honey..brown..light-brown.. mix depending on the light threw me there's a mix of it all in there.
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