Friday, January 14, 2011

Quick and Easy

Tonight's painting took me all of 25 minutes to finish, once I figured out what I wanted to get done.

It could have been done quicker, but I wanted to redo some lines and try some different shades.

Had an interview today. Was interesting. Normally I don't do any real research on a company unless I'm super-jazzed about the position. While I didn't do any research, I did peruse this company's website. Interesting stuff, more or less. I'll bet it's a load of fun when things are running smooth and happy.. but that pendulum swings both ways. The woman interviewing me asked if I had done any research..and I'm a no-BS kind of guy, so I said no, because I haven't.
No, to me, research is learning the company history, who the owner(s) is(are), various business partners and clients, financial history ( I am an Accountant, after all), and really dig into the company info that's available.
In this case, I simply perused the website, got an idea of what they were about.. and it actually bit me in the ass. A pleasant surprise, actually. I've been through a few interviews where the interviewer doesn't give a whiff of an idea of having a lick of a care about what you know about the company, only the position.

Come on!! Yes, I'm an Accountant by education. But that doesn't mean I want to be working in a buttoned-down, cubicle-maze of repressed/depressed suits and skirts! This place had a hidden energy of life, not just life, but zesty, grabbing the stars by the coronas kind of life. More workplaces should have that.

With all the Spider-Man stuff going on lately.. and having purposely made myself ignorant of things that have happened to Venom.. here's the Venom I remember. The Venom I liked. It's a profile shot. No major tongue hanging out, no characteristic '90's over-muscle, just a simple Venom profile headshot.
Why? Because I've always thought Venom was at his truest scariness when he was silent, simply acting, not letting it all hang out and behaving like a strung-out junkie on a 'roid-rage.

And when it all comes down to it.. this blog is for me, not you. Thank you for visiting, and if you don't like my stuff, there are trillions of other webpages to visit, hopefully you'll find one soon. But if you're one of the people that comes here regularly.. thank you for your patience in the recent lapse of daily images.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Still Sore

I must be so out of shape it's pathetic.
All of 2 days of repetative general labour in inclimate weather ...and here I am 2 days after the last day, still sore, a little stiff.
It's time to do something about it.. I can't even curl my barbel without feeling the throb in my shoulder.
Now that's honkin sad, yo.

Anyhow.. I'm still alive (pain is a wonderful reminder. When the pain stops, so does life, it would seem), so I'm still drawing, painting, creating. Sometimes really short on ideas.

Tonight was one of those nights, and I started thinking about some things I've seen and wanted to do and try.
So tonight we get a What If?!

What if Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne were the same person?
Bruce Stark? Tony Wayne? Either way.. rich, mildly deluded, and insanely smart.

Queue up Black Sabbath....  "I am Iron-Bat-Man"..or just The IronBat..or whatever.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The day after

Why is it that your body usually decides to remind you how out of shape you are, or how long it's been since you last did some particular activity the next day, or for the next couple of days?

I slept pretty good for me, only woke up about 5 times throughout the night.. but man alive, my right shoulder, lower back, knees and feet are just protesting, loudly in their impulses, against me making them do anything today. Including typing this.

Feels like I got a half-hearted working-over by this fellow:
who happens to be a Brute character I slapped together in City of Villains.

Tomorrow I go do the same general thing I did yesterday.. hope I recover quicker than I have so far, otherwise it'll be more game-shots and such instead of actually produced art for the next couple of days.
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