Saturday, January 22, 2011

Writers - Weird creatures

Not being a writer, I can easily say they're weird creatures.
Eclectic, bizarre, insane, genius, incredible... whatever you want to call them, they are something else.

I'm no writer.. though I could pages with the worlds existing in my head.. a writer could do them justice in text.

Nate Cosby is a writer. I may or may not have read some of his stuff (I don't usually pay attention to who's writing what I'm reading when it comes to comics, I tend to look at the artist's names).
Every now and then I take notice of his twitter-thing #NateWouldLikeToSee ...and sometimes, I try for them.

This is one of those times. Apparently, Mr.Cosby would like to see a Wookie and an Ewok in some kind of potential romantic entanglement or something..
So, thinking prequel-wise, how do some of the most regretful things we do happen?
Alcohol. Bar-hopping, binge-drinking, liquid-stupidity, ladies & gentlemen.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Lar-stream Beard

So it's friday, enjoying another Lar deSouza ustream.

Asked the man which hero/heroine he'd like to see "bearded"..and he says Ms.Marvel.
Now, to my knowledge, there's 2.. the DC Ms.Marvel\Shazaam girl..and the Marvel Comics Ms.Marvel-Carol Danvers.

He meant the Marvel-Ms.Marvel.
I suck at drawing women... so he gave me a challenge. Moreso as he said she's one of his favourite characters... so here's hoping it's(the character) been done some justice.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Super-Beard's other dimensional cousin thing?

Power girl.
Yeah, "girl" in what universe? Granted, I've watched a lot of bizarre things in my life, one being a special on Bra's for some reason, but having watched said special.. I know that a woman with Powergirl's ...ludicrous proportions would a) have permanent lower-spinal damage, Superman's cousing from an alternate dimension or whatever or not, and yeah, hello custom-order support clothing.

But it's comics.. and any stupid crap can happen in comics. Manga pulls stuff that any san person would absolutely call "bullshit!" on. So why not north-american comics? ...because we have a continent full of whiners, that's why. And only the most minor of the minorities that cry foul get heard, it seems.
However.. such is not the case for Powergirl. In the end, money talks, and will easily drown out the noise of the whiners (until election time, if you're political)...and I guess the money spent by fanboys eager to destroy their ideas and ideals of what a woman truly is can easily silence that voice in a man's head that goes `boy, that ain't right. She better be related to Superman to keep upright, stacked like that!`.

So.. she gets a beard. One of the girlier beards I could thing of (which, admittedly, is mostly a long fu-manchu type mustache with matching chin strip).

On a different topic.. every so often Corel Painter just outright buggers up on. Did it on this image. Normally, I can just close the image and re-open it.. sometimes I have to reload Painter altogether. Neither of those fixed the issue this time. I am MAD. What's the issue? The eraser stops working on a random layer. It'll work on any other layer, except (usually) the one I was working on. Sometimes it just chooses another layer to not acknowledge, but it's usually the one I was working on. Very frustrating.
So.. the colour is off in parts.. and for some reason, the area behind Powergirl was erased and refused to be filled in.. I'm fairly certain there's some complete basticho combination of keyboard shortcuts I'm unintentionally hitting to cause this.. but even if I'm not, it is extremely frustrating.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So yeah, still no Captain America.. but instead, we have an alien beard taking over one of Earth's mightiest, most nigh-invulnerable (save chunks of his homeland, red solar radiation and magic, it seems) heroes.

I wanted to do a little something different with the facial hair.. given a)superman's age in comics(rather, the real passage of time) and the fact he's an alien. So, Snydely Whiplash-esque mustache and a semi-split beard. I dunno, but it works for me.

Also, a friend's website needed some work.. unfortunately, the imag ethey had/have for their logo is some kind of wonky.. the original image (supplied to me) has a very bad glare from where someone took a photo of it.

Because it's a very lacey/interlaced image, I decided to let Corel Painter do some auto-painting for me.. yes, I cheated and fixed some issues with it afterward. The auto-paint feature is nice, but not perfect. What would have taken me roughly 3 or 4 hours to get right, took about 5 minutes for the auto-painter to do.
Don't get me wrong, cheating like that isn't right.. but for a quick fix on material that isn't mine, I'm not getting paid for, and would take up a fair bit of time I'd never get back? Sure, let the auto-painter do some pro-bono work for me. Especially when it turns out decent. If it hadn't turned out decent, I would have had to do it by hand.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I rarely get sick.
But, I was an idiot, and let myself be exposed to some friends who were sick.
And by exposed, I mean next to a friend in a smart-car (stupid little aluminum deathtraps...but that title isn't good for marketing), and the other my roommate.

Now, my roommate's been sick for about a week, coming up a week and a half. My other friend was at the tail-end of his sickness. However, I'm as caught-up to the point of being over the sickness as my roommate is.
Sometimes I like having a slightly advanced healing system.. but the higher tolerance/partial immunity to various drugs is no fun. For example.. if I get a headache, I can either pop about 6 aspirin or tylenol or Ibepukin(ibuprofin), OR.. I can take 1 tylenol-3 and a mouthful of beer and sleep for 10 hours, wake up and be about as good as I ever was. But tylenol-3 isn't available without a prescription.
And yes, taking meds with alcohol is one of the dumbest things you can do (right below mixing energy drinks & alcohol).

Anyhow.. I have half-hopes that this week is a wash, interview-wise, and so far, it's proving true.
Who wants to be in an interview when you're sick? If you're sick, you are far from your best, and interviews are when you try to put your best forward, right? At this point, I don't even want to do laundry tomorrow.. but certain people will be offended if I get the mail naked.

Anyhow, enough rambling.. onto the art!
Keeping with the beard-ness.. I wanted to do a Captain America...but I just can't seem to get his chin right, or if I get the chin right, it's the shield. One of the two. So I'll start earlier and get it done at another point.

Tonight.. it's the Beard-isher. His family was caught was in the crossfire of gangland beard rivals, and now he dispenses punishment to the follically challenged criminals and the hirsute hucksters who threaten a peaceful existence. ..or something. I'm no writer, and now you know why.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Fuzzlemutton McBeardychops

The title of this post is a small jab at the great Lar deSouza.
You see, once upon a ustream, there got a bit of naming-way that went right out of hand, and his beard was supposedly named. I don't remember what the beard was named, but I do remember the name "Fuzzlemutton McBeardyChops" getting people kicked by the mods pretty quick.

Sometimes I think mods are just on power trips. I was a mod once. These mods, however, are actually fairly decent. Which is a good thing.

Beards. Yeah, think I'm gonna do a bit of fun with facial hair. Mostly beards, but perhaps just mustaches in some cases.

So first off (if we consider this post the first, instead of yesterday's post of a caricature of Lar himself), we hit the follically-challenged Mr.Parker.

Yeah, I put the spider in the beard. I had originally wanted it to be more of the watercolour, but decided to do it in pen instead, and I'm much happier with it that way.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Words are important.. they carry power.
Speech really is the one true thing that separates us from the animals.
Sure, some critters can mimic speech..but it's not their language. It's not how they communicate.

Words can hurt, words can heal. Sadly, it takes something like 7 healing words to even begin to undo the damage 1 hurtful word causes.

People you trust can speak life or death, good or bad, into your life. Words are incredibly important, not just the words themselves, but the how of their use.

I find myself dating myself by the words I use. For example.. Boombox or Ghettoblaster. Same thing to me. What is it though? It's a portable music player.. granted, usually about half the size of the average man's torso, 2 large speakers, one or two cassette-player decks in it, and a radio tuner.
But boil it down, and what's the new 'boombox'?? iPods and MP3 players. Discman.. Walkman.. portable music.

I don't call kids `adolescents`.. I call them kids.. or, for more accuracy, teenagers. Kids will always be kids until they're teenagers.. and then it's either 'teens', or some general expletive.
But there's something about getting older. Perspectives shift, ideas change, and suddenly what's "important" is something different than what it used to be.
But something that's never changed for me, is to want to do right by the people I respect, the people I admire.

And sometimes, it just doesn't always look like respect or admiration.. sometimes it looks like this:

a bit of an homage to someone I greatly admire. The man's beard is whispered and giggled about by the youthful fans who practically worship him....though I think they worship the beard even more. Apparently it has it's own facebook page, but I've not looked into that, so hopefully it's just fanboy-BS being spread about. I've seen the beard (and the man holding it up) person, it really is something else. ZZ Top might not be impressed, but by the average work-a-day man's standard, it's a big deal.

 Hope you like the picture.. now get off my lawn. ..except I don't have a lawn.
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