Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Friday...wait, that's Monday-Monday

Ahh, good old songs..

I had a small conversation yesterday with a friend... they told me I was 'dating myself' when i started to reminesce about a song on the I told them that the chances of a song they like that's popular today having the same effect, the same nostalgia, 20 years from now would probably never happen.

Basically, I'm of the opinion that all this insta-produced noise that comes from shows like american idol and it's retardedly-conceived ilk simply can't make it into 'classic' standing. AC/DC, The Who, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Steppenwolf, Cher, The Guess Who, Guns & Roses, Hank Williams, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash... these are musicians who are classic.. their music is a)still relevant today(though that's go debate it with someone who is not me), tells stories, has rhythm or good beats, and basically can be found on the ipods of kids in middle-high to retiring ceo's. It's cross-generational, and almost timeless, like Beethoven and Bach and Chopin and all that.
But April Lavigne?(avril if you want the french name) "lady" gag.a??? Beyonce - that's an iffy, but still on the doubtful side as far as I'm concerned. How about Billy Talent? Deathcab for Cutie? Those other guys with the girly hair and the lead-singer who wears more makeup than Dee Snyder ever did?
Where will they be in 30 years, as far as listening audience is concerned?
Dead and buried, I would think.

Anyhow.. I've been doing some more quick sketches to songs, drawing only as long as the song goes on for.
Purple Rain by Prince is a good one.. it's a lil over 8 and a half minutes. Most songs are barely 3 and a half.
Still don't know what I'm gonna draw when I start.. but ideas are coming quicker, which is good because most of these songs are short!

So here's a few that I like..especially Hero Hippo.

Hero Hippo was drawn while listening to David Wilcox's The Rhythm of Love (the canadian singer, not the american country guy).. I think Angry Girl Stomp was done while listening The Donna's New Kid in School and the Palmy Beach was done while listening to Armand Van Heldon's Funk Phenomenon-Starkiller Remix.
So, basically, 2 3-minute-or-less songs and one that's almost 7 minutes.
More as the week goes along.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Last Beard

It's a thursday, and I think I'm going to start doing new things on this is the last intentional "bearding" that I'm doing. Unless of course, others come to mind and I'm not doing a series of something else.

I remember as a teen, critics blasting Marvel's The Hulk as showing kids that it's okay to lose your temper and smash stuff, and some stuffed shirt with an alphabet-soup education responding that if the critics had actually read any of The Hulk comics, they'd quickly realize that it shows kids rather obviously that losing your temper can quickly and easily have long-term effects, regrets, and problems.

I haven't dipped into Hulk-dom in a long time.. I caught a streaming video of Planet Hulk at one What happened?! I remember the Lou Ferigno-Hulk, and having watched one of the Ultimates cartoon-movies, that Hulk. I don't remember Hulk going the juice-abusing-emo path..and that's what Planet Hulk's Hulk immediately reminded me of.. Mr.I-don't-need-friends... go (expletive) a duck, man.

Clearly, I am NOT a fan of these re-imaginings and hollywood (expletive)-over's of childhood icons and characters.. even the ones I haven't followed for a good while. It would be like someone making a cartoon-movie of Batman, where he guns down criminals like he was the Punisher. Such a straying from the character's core... wow.

Anyhow.. I've been wanting to draw this kind of beard on someone for a while now.. and I think it actually fits the Hulk. I thought of making the beard into two clnched fists..but it didn't look right.
Choosing the fonts took me a lot longer than I thought it would. I need to get some more, I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for..much as I'd love to make my own fonts, font-making programs are very pricey things.

It's surprisingly easy to get the 'basic hulk' image down.. it's just as surprisingly difficult to make it look "Hulk" instead of just some muscle-headed goon.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Woes of Womanity

Womanity? `humanity`, only with a 'woe' instead of a `hue`.

I'm glad I'm a guy..I really am. Not only can I pee standing up (no brag, just fact), but if I have hair on my face, it actually looks good on me. I don't have to shave my armpits or legs or bikini anything, unless I'm a pro-wrestler or something, which I'm not.

I don't have to endure pms or periods, but I *do* have to deal with them. (My roommate is female, afterall).
Dealing with them is easier, I imagine, than enduring them. Mostly because I can just leave the room. ^_^
Pregnancy? Yeah, I get to enjoy the fun part of that - the very very beginning, as it were. No hormone swings, no growing buddha-belly that endless situps & running will not get rid of (granted, I wouldn't mind getting a belly every few years if, after 9 months, it went away).
But the real kicker?
No make-up, no over-priced clothes, none of that crap.
Sure, guys still have overprices clothes, but lucky us, if we get it in black or white, it can go with anything else we own.

Anyhow.. I was really saddened to find out that Wonder Woman was one man's intentional creation to insert his own stupidity into society and try and flaw it's (at the time) morality.
Wonder Woman has often been an iconic Feminist creature. Don't get me started on feminism. Bad road, you'll get thrown off the ride eventually.
Anyhow.. I come to find out after some research (online though, so can it really be trusted?) that Wonder Woman isn't who or what we thought/think she is/was.

Well, I gave her a Warrior's Beard(of sorts).

New Challenges

If you constantly square off against familiar challenges, you'll never grow (unless of course, said `familiar` challenge is something you've not yet overcome).

So I tried something new last night, and will post some of those images later. I want to get more done.
What I tried was, I set my music player to random, and played some music.
As soon as a song started, I began to think of something to quick sketch, and as soon as the song was done, I stopped, signed the work, and saved it as a rough sketch.
Some songs are longer than 9 minutes (which is amazingly long for a song, it seems) and some were less than 2 minutes.

How did this challenge me? First off, to actually stop what I was doing as the song finished. Second, to think faster, to process and access my creativity quicker. To go from a blank nothing to something on paper in a very short period of time.
If I was smarter/wanted to cheat, I'd put some house/trance mixes on..those can be a good half-hour easy!

Anyhow.. what's going up today (but is not part of my 'daily', if you will) is something Paul Tobin on twitter had asked/wondered about... What if Godzilla became the new Sorcerer Supreme?
And I just had to draw it.
Took me a little under an hour. Quick pens and digital watercolour.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's Magnetic

You know how some people are just amazingly interesting, no matter what they're doing, it's interesting?
How some folks are incredible social-butterflies, and not just social-butterflies, but adept at it? (meaning, they make you feel like they're not just flitting from person to person, including you, but that they actually want to spend some time with you, despite the busy-ness of themselves)

I have to think that, as a young man, had he not been in the Camps that germany had made for the Jews, Eric Lensherr or Magnus..better known as Magneto, might have been that uber-suave fellow breaking hearts all over town, a politician's politician, only not as scummy as a politician.. the guy people vote into power despite him not being on the ballot (don't get me wrong, Magneto would probably rig the election).

Sometimes you meet someone who is different on a normal level, but it's just magnetic that this thing they do that most folks don't, draws people to them.

Supposedly, my general forthrightness & frank "here's how it is now suck it up" mannerism seems to set me apart from people my friends know. What about you.. what sets you apart?

Back to the beards, people!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Marissa's Bunny/Dad

If you go here: you'll be able to check something dishearteningly cool out.

If this post is late it's because I'm still finishing some touches up. Hoping to get them done in the next 4 minutes so I can post on-time.

Anyhow.. yeah.. I hate kids. Just about everything about them. If you look up `cold hearted bastard` when it comes to kids, it's got my picture. There is nothing about a child that appeals to me, other than them going away from my immediate 100-mile vicinity.
So what makes 's special?.. I blame the bunny.
From what I've read, that bunny kicks ass, all because of a little girl.
So I've got a soft spot for animals. So I imagine that this stuffed bunny has helped this little girl fight more than any little girl's share of demons and scary things.
Want to feel good about yourself?? Go there and help a man out.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A slight deviation

So, yeah. I'm still planning on doing the very quick-sketch, watercolour paintings for the Obey The Beard series I'm doing.

But for today, I've got a small detour.
I played through Transformers: War for Cybertron, and let me tell you: this game does not have the fanbase it deserves. The online community is horribly small, but incredibly fun. Even getting destroyed repeatedly doesn't take away too much from the game..and yes, I'm one of those people who, without having killed anyone and yet been snuffed out for the 17th time, I get fed up and walk away from the game for a week or three. There's no fun in just being someone's meatbag target.
But Transformers:War for Cybertron (WFC) goes beyond typical online shooting.

When was the last time you got to come screaming out of your spawn area as a jet, fly past enemies, up to a perch, transform before you get there, let the momentum carry you, while in mid-transformation, turn around and whip out the game's equivalent of a sniper-rifle and blast away?
It's fast and ferocious and fun.

Now.. what with the small online community (globally, I've never seen more than 200 players on at once, which is sad), the 2 expansions that've come out for it, being 10$ each. You'd think that's cheap. But not when you can't just randomly hop into a game. There's been a couple days (afternoon & evening, when players should be on), when there's been no games going. I was kind of shocked, quite disappointed.

However.. I have this to say: This game is what a Transformers game should be AT IT'S WORST.
It is that great. Sure, there's some things they could do to improve it.. like perhaps instead of 3rd-perspective, make it more true FPS until you transform to vehicle mode, then pull back into 3rd-person, kinda of like how the Gamecube/Wii dealt with Samus Aran for Metroid.

I've found 2 places in the game where I can't just transform at will..and it's because I was 1-about to die -from falling off a cliff(as a truck) or 2-I was too close to objects and transforming would have created issues with object/sprite/level collisions. Other than that, great game. Wish more people would pick it up, get online and blast the techno-guts out of each other.

It also seems like in everything Transformers, Optimus Prime HAS to say his ever infamous line from the 1980's cartoon Transformer's movie while battling Megatron: One shall stand, One shall fall.
And then this popped into my head:  --- now, before you go raging at me about how I messed something up in Optimus or Megatron, let em tell you something: They've been through many incarnations, and remodelling and remaking. I'm trying to stay fairly true to the 1980's cartoon ones.

Jenga has a few box designs that are... interesting. And because I'm lazy, I just slapped the colours together instead of a tower of jumbled jenga-blocks.
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