Thursday, February 3, 2011

Break it

Moulds. Normally, I like to see `drop forged` or `iron-cast` or some other indication that my tools have been made from a reliable mould.
But people? Thoughts and ideas?

Break the moulds as much as you can.
Creativity is a mould-shattering beast, let me tell you.
This whole Song-sketching thing is helping me break some moulds of my own - mostly musical, and the thoughts and imagery that I normally put to said music.

Most everyone knows of an actor or actress that's been type-cast. This person has been thrown into a mould because of whatever role that helped them become a `name` in their industry.
Tim Burton, for example, is known for his semi/neo-gothic imagery and backgrounds, and his work with Johnny Depp. Arnold Shwarzennegger and Sylvester Stallone are type-cast as tough-guy, action heroes.

So, while listening to some songs, I let one or two get sketched out in their pre-moulded mental imagery in my head, and some, I had to work at actually doing something against-type. By song/filename, can you guess which is which? FYI, the longest song was 5minutes and 5 seconds, the 2nd longest was a mere 3minutes 41seconds. A couple were under 3 minutes, with one being 1minute and 58seconds. Not much time to think of something and get it on (digital) paper, ehn?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Let it move you

Music. There's no doubt it moves people, augments emotional states and can either help create something or really just take away from it.

Think about it.. music in movies.. half the time in a horror flick, you know something's about to happen because the music starts to build. Romance movies, when the lovers finally get together or kiss or whatever, the music swoons with them. Action flicks.. well, lately, it seems `action music` is nothing but the sounds of explosions *koffmichaelbaykoff* but still..  music is an amazing thing.

And sometimes you hear something and just move with it, unconciously. Bobbing your head, tapping your foot or finger along to the rhythm. Music is amazing.
And here's some more Song Sketches. The longest song was 3minutes 41 seconds. See if you can guess which image had that amount of time on it.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More silliness

Ahhhh, Twitter.

Every now and then while perusing twitter, something really makes me laugh, or wonder what is wrong with the world.

So far, Mr. Paul Tobin has been the former, not the latter.
Apparently Mr.Tobin has some work coming out, which should be kind of exciting.. mostly because I've always thought of Lois Lane as a rather redundant plot device to have Superman show up somewhere.

So, to help save the Baby Bigfoots..Bigfeet?Bigfeets?..whatever.. here's what sprang to mind:

Monday, January 31, 2011

Song Sketching

Ok.. so I'm starting to do that thing where I'm listening to music, and just using the pen in Corel Painter Essentials 4 on a white backdrop (1024X1280) doing some sketching that lasts only as long as the song.

Some of these songs are under 3 minutes, which really is barely any time at all to think of something and sketch most, let alone all, of it out. Some of these songs are upwards of 8 minutes, some almost 11.. but those are far and few between.

I think I might go over some of these and actually do them some kind of proper at a later date. Maybe for the last of the Song Sketch series? I'm not sure yet.

Anyhow, here's a couple images sketched out tonight - if you can get the filename (possibly from a mouse-hover over the image?), the first part is the name of the song, then what I named the image.
For example, one song was `Need to feel love`, and I named the image Disco Stud. (image below)

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