Friday, February 18, 2011

Not safe for..well.. anything!

It took me all afternoon to pull this together, in Corel Painter (which crashed, again) and Photoshop CS# version.

Yesterday was Lambchop Vaginaface..and today is FuzzleMutton McBeardychops.

Don't ask. Just enjoy.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Not so safe for work

Granted, there's a lot worse things your boss could find in your browsing history.. but why take the chance?

So, here's my render of Danielle Corsetto's alter-ego slacker-heroine... Lambchop Vaginaface!
Tomorrow will be Lar deSouza's turn.. which is kind of apt, as tomorrow is a friday..and that means (outside of 'con season) it's a Larstream!

Not sure I should have left a small cape off the character or not.. but it work so far..
Note the ring: Now imagine that being slammed into your face at 85miles per hour.

Late again!


I started earlier than normal by a good half-hour.
And I'm still late.

See.. this is what I get for wanting to do something "right".. to make sure stuff looks ok, and the colours aren't overly killing each other(might have done that anyhow).

Twitter is a weird thing.
And from weirdness comes inspiration, sometimes.

Various tweets from Danielle Corsetto and time spent observing the hooligans during older ustreams of Lar deSouza have coalsced into somthing horrible... and while I'm still working on their costumed variants.. here's the 2 who've come to help create Fuzzlemutton McBeardychops and Lambchop Vaginaface.

Non costume ..thingy...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Is more better?

Tax time is coming fast upon us again (well, for those of us in Canada and the US).

More money, more possessions, more freedom, more power, more time, more munchies, more drinks, more crushed velvet whatever, more leather couches and pants..more ...more... more!

There was a slogan a few years back of `less is more`.. sure.. less clothing is more nudity (and a lot less laundry, yay) less policing is more anarchic stupidity, less debt is more peace of mind... sure, aside from the first one, the rest don't match up to the slogan's general idea (but then, what do beer advertisers know about reality??)

It seems lately that there's a lot more zombies out there.. not just cubicle dwellers & fast-food employees..but in games and movies.. and people keep trying to put a new spin on zombies.. and they often fail. But they keep coming.. more zombies, more zombies, more zombies.
Even I have an idea for something with zombies (it's a game idea, and I'm not divulging any info here.. creative-theft is rampant, dontchaknow!).

So.. with the advent of the increase in zombies.. I figure we need a lil more of something else.. something to help us against the zombies.. providing they aren't here to 'take care' of us.

My wacom Bamboo tablet stopped running it's drivers shortly after getting the design down - and instead of saving and rebooting, I just kept on trucking.. may as well have done it with my mouse.
I've updated my Deviant Art account (after a year of doing nothing with it) and can be found here. I've added some things to their store, mostly in the size of coasters, magnets and pins. Some are sizeable to print, and I'm hoping this piece works, once I post it. I'm considering doing a large set of pin-ups, based in and around the city I live in.. but I'm not sure about what exactly I want to do with it yet.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Punishing Valentine's

It's Valentine's Day.
Miserable Hallmark Holidays!

I had a date..if you want to call it that - with a prospective employer. Huzzah! Interviews!
This one felt more like some kind of bizarre uber-relaxed stand-up comedy routine than anything else.. I don't think I've laughed, or seen the interviewer laugh, that much in an interview..ever.

Anyhow.. was trying to draw an image of an action-scene, a heroine high-kicking a bad-guy in the face, from behind the bad guy.. but I couldn't get the leg proportion or perspective right..and I didn't want to just cover it up with the bad guy... that's just stupid, because I'd have a broken-crutch(bad artistry) to rely on then..and I don't want to do that.

I tried a few poses..had one I liked ..but scrapped it.. then for some reason I got thinking about the Punisher.
Has he ever had sex?  I mean yeah, Frank Castle *had* a family and all that, but they were killed. Did he ever visit a sperm bank? He's been shot a lot, so certainly *someone* has his DNA.. I think Marvel actually killed him, only to bring him back as some kind of weird Frankenstein..
maybe someone cloned him..only made him a girl? There's certainly a lot of BS 'girl power!' flotsam still floating around these days...'s a lil something.

Yes, some of those blood-splatters are kinda heart-shaped. Gotta love Photoshop's custom brushes.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Most everyone's heard of "writer's block".. I don't know many who've heard of `artist's block`..but I suppose it could easily be laid out as "creative block".

I tried to sketch out something in my head a few times.. and each one was close, but not close enough to what I saw/see in my mind's eye - and quite frankly I'm fucking tired of being frustrated with things. With everything. And I really hate that it effects my art.I need to find a block for the frustration.

So, I'm not going to bother trying to sketch it out, let alone paint it.
Below may seem like something easy to do..but truth told, it took me about 6 incarnations to get the swirls to stay apart and not overlap themselves. So damned frustrating! I should have had it done the 2nd time around, if not the first.

And it's Sunday. I really, really hope this isn't a sign of how the week's going to go. The dark part of the blue background is simple broad-stroke watercolour.. and even THAT took me a few attempts to get right.
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