Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rainy Day Doodling

It's been raining since yesterday. All day today, gray and wet and yuck. Supposed to rain all the way through until Monday, but we'll see what the what is because hey, the Weatherman ain't always right..or even half-right half of the time, right?

I doodled these up early this morning..around 3 or 4am.. was listening to The Watchtower Podcast episodes 193 and 194 at the time. I'm not always up on the world of Comics, but listening to Jeff Moss and Donnie Coulter helps me feel like I have an idea of what's going on.. sometimes.
I also lay some blame at Lar deSouza for the inspiration as well.

The helmet.. well, parts of it, were what I was trying to reproduce for a while yesterday that kept getting my goat, as the saying goes.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


There are a lot of things that frustrate me.
One of them is being able to get an idea down.. and once I begin to refine it, suddenly I can't seem to draw it anymore.
The thing that really REALLY pisses me off about this is that I can do it on paper, no problems. Give me a pen and paper, and I'll make it happen. Almost every single time, I can redo it. Perhaps not perfectly, but very close to it.

But digitally? Yeah, no freaking chance. The thing about that that gets under my skin so quickly is, I've heard/been told that art is brain-hand co-ordination (where as most other things are hand-eye co-ordination).
So, if that's true.. why the bloody hell can't I get the same image in my brain down twice, when it comes to digital work??
I sketch out the original.. like it, set it aside, and go to make more of the same in different poses, angles, etc. ... and damned if I can make it look right. Then I get frustrated. And it gets worse. Then I get angry, and it gets much worse. Then I say `fuck you!`, get a snit on, shoulder-to-the-plow and determine to best this frustration..and it gets a whole lot worse.  Then I say `ahh, fuck it...` and do something else.

None of this is productive, really. Just very frustrating in the end. And I'd like to punch the person who told me that it's all hand-brain co-ordination in the nose. Because it isn't. It's brain-hand-eye co-ordination.
Brain tells hand to draw what it sees. Hand does what it does. Eye looks at it, confers with brain.. and if it ain't right, the alarm bells go off and the Esteem Gestapo come marching down all over the place.
WHY is is so hard to take what's in my brain and put it to digital paper?? I can usually get about half of it out onto real paper.. but digitally.. ... it just sucks ass.
And this is my own critique.. my own standard that I'm failing to meet.

Thank God I'm not trying to live/perform up to anyone else's standard.....

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

20 more minutes

So, tonight is a 20-minute hero..well, I suppose could be a villain..but for all the times I've drawn this character, it's always been more the heroic mental-image I've held..
Tried a bit of fore-shortening with the one arm.. think it turned out ok..but I'll take another look at it under the light of day (and a full-night's sleep, I hope) and see if it still hits me as `ok` or not.

Normally, he doesn't have the shorts, or the belt/pouches.. but it occured to me that his power-base could be something he has to have on him to draw from.. like herbs or something, that would give the pouches a reason to be there. I think all the crap I've been reading & examples I've been seeing of Rob Leifeld's work is rubbing off on me.. and not in a good way.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Quick Contrast

So, yeah, still working on contrasts and such.. light & shadow is always good to play with, despite how organic the bloody thing can be at times.

So I went with something a bit less organic. Light & dark can still play all sorts of hell on metal surfaces.. but I've not even begun to dip into that yet.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Post

Normally I wouldn't post on the weekend...but yesterday(saturday) and today(sunday) have been so abysmally boring and just.. blah.. I decided to get some sketching done.

No time limit on this one..though it didn't take me long..maybe 4 songs? (so that could easily be between 15-30 minutes. Some of the songs I have are less than 2 minutes, while others go as long at 17 minutes..but none of the long ones played, so I'm estimating about 25 minutes.)

Just a simple attempt at some shading, with a light-source from off-scene, behind the character in-view's focus (not behind them from the viewer's point).

The watercolour is helping me to have a lighter-touch.. using 3 colours only, but the black, a light touch gives me the shades of gray I want.
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