Saturday, March 19, 2011

A rough cover

I've been slowly dragging things from my head and putting them to (digital) paper.
One thing I've always loved about comics, and then seeing a GOOD movie adaptation of a comic, is that comics are snapshots of a sequence. Moments in time of movements, and good comics can easily have your brain filling in the missing visual segments.
Eventually, I'll be putting it all to real paper, in the form of paperback, perhaps.
Still deciding if I want to go the printed route or the webcomic style first. Not sure. Each side has it's own costs, positives and negatives... the biggest negative right now is it's coming out of my pocket, and my pockets are pretty damned shallow right now. Starting to wonder if I'm cursed, or if I should scrounge a couple bucks together and start playing the lottery. Seriously.. something's gotta give here, I need that `break` about 3 months ago.

You know the 'break'.. you hear about it in the news, or read it in the paper, or hear about it from a friend who does one or both of the first options. Buddyguy(or gal) is out of work for X-months, nothing in the area, can't afford to go to another area, down on their luck, things are pretty damned bleak.. and then whammo!! Amazing job offer, or they win the lottery, or.. some kind of miracle break from their ditch-digger's bum of a situation.

Anyhow.. this is a rough(very rough) idea of an inside-cover for what I'm working on:

Friday, March 18, 2011


And huzzah for Friday.

Not that I'm completely sure why.. being unemployed, everyday is a freakin sunday to me. Sunday. Not friday, not saturday.. sunday. Sunday brings a lil dread of the morrow, because the morrow is a monday. Sunday's are kind of boring, a bit lazy, sure, you get some things done.. but it's still not like you actually get anything of any kind of self-satifaction or importance done.

And that is how damned near every freaking day feels like to me.

This took me a little more than 2 hours, from nothing to finish. Used more layers than I normally would have, but given that I've been doodling this guy since 1995 (mask based off one of the guys from Doom Troopers, the old SNES game), I decided to take my time. Almost all my on-paper doodles and sketches are black and white.. so getting the colours to look some kind of alright took me way too long.

If you're wondering what the object he's holding is, it's a handgun I designed waaaayyyy back in highschool. taped-up stabilizer bar between both barrels for, well, added stability. I've got the specs for it in a notebook somewhere if anyone wants to know more.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Music + Drinking + Drawing =


Ahh, itunesDJ, how much you suck that I can just click a song and have it create an itunesDJ list from it.. sure, itunes `genius` will do that.. but only if the bloody thing can recognize the genre of a song. And sometimes it won't do that even when the song info is already input into the ..database?..that keeps the songs where itunes likes'em.

Anyhow.. was listening to Digital Underground, specifically The Packet Man song..and this came to mind..
quite the polite chemical pusher, if you listen to the song.
And a great idea.. wonder why it's not been invented yet. ..oh, right.. nobody's been able to successfully have the exact same thing happen to everyone in any given test-group when trying psychotropic medicines.
Silly brains.. keeping us from unreal drugs.. ah well. Probably for the best 8P

A little something more

While thinking of something to draw, Baptism of Solitude by Buckethead came on the ol' itunes DJ and while if you're in a sad state of mind, it can be downright depressing.. I found it rather relaxing.. and for some reason, I had a memory of those old anti-pollution commercials, of the indian looking over the landfills and a single tear runs down his cheek..then, of course, thanks to my glut of popculture, The Simpson's episode where the move the town 15 miles down the highway because of their overflowing dump.

Having been reading the X-Men and their battle with Xarus & Dracula (son & father, respectively), I started thinking about all the classic movie monsters..and where they are now.. and who more `in tune` with nature than Bigfoot? (yeah, that's an argument starter, I'm sure).. and how Bigfoot'd probably weep at the #%!$ing laughable state of vampires and werewolves lately thanks to ..well, many things, most of them nigh-completely vapid and plain old ignorant. At least The Mummy hasn't fared too badly, thank you Brendan Fraser. Zombies will always do something.. and the last Frankenstein I recall is from Van Helsing (and all it's CastleVania wannabe-ishness)..where he was actually not that much of a monster, but 3rd-string hero in the story.

So.. here we go, 1 black & white, 1 coloured: Which do you prefer??

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

20 more minutes

Thought I'd try something a lil more cutesy than normal...

So here's a 20-minute watercolour dragon, in jeans.. because I don't buy that Mickey Mouse has to wear pants, but it's always Pantsless-O'Clock for Donald Duck.

I want to be more stable in doodling the cutesy stuff I always stay away from.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's a Race!

No, it's not a race.. but if you've seen the movie Rat Race, then you know what I'm talking about..sort of.

Once again, Deviant Art has put on a contest..and I entered it this time.
Chances of winning?.. who knows.. but hey, I could use an extra 1500buckazoids, you know? Even landing in the top 3 would do me good, would mean cash and a bigger tablet to play with.

Anyhow.. There's a theme, and rules, and all that wonderful stuff.. I decided I would only use the gear they supplied for the contest..and this is what I have come out with (and surprisingly, no one else has put this out..weird)

After being very discouraged by some of the 'for fun' contest entries over at SketchOholic, this helped perk me back up.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Even in Failures

Even in failures, there is something to be celebrated, learned, and damn it all, enjoyed.

Tonight image, for example.. I know where I messed up. Which means I also know where to keep an eye out for my next attempts and further work. I also learned how to get an effect I was wondering how I would get, and it was remarkably easier than I thought it would be.

So, while (in my eyes) tonight's image is a failure of my skill (because damn it!! I know better), it's an enjoyable piece (to me) because I learned how to do something that would otherwise be tricky and time-consuming in a very quick, easy, 1-step application. (If you're wondering, it's making the ruby-quartz visor look like it's got something actually in the lens)

So, *I* know where I screwed up..can you tell where?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

20 minutes to spare

So, yeah, I'm still doing this 20-minute sketch thing. Getting faster at it, I think. More time to quickly watercolour some of these things.

I might have to start doing 1-hour sessions, just to see what kind of details I can put in, with and without colouring.

Not sure why I went with a falling gunfight.. I know I wanted to do something from a different angle..try and get it some kind of proper. Now, normally, working on paper, I'd turn the page so I'm working from a regular, comfy position..but I can't do that with my computer (well, maybe if I could afford to upgrade my tablet ...but yeh, that ain't happening for a good long while). I think I got it fairly well.
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