Friday, April 8, 2011

40 minutes of wash

And no, I'm not talking about time in the shower. (though I do enjoy a long hot soak)

A bit of super-quick outlining, then multiple layers of watercolour washing.
Some kind of enjoyable, I tells ya.

Very very very very very loosely rifted off the idea of Jim Henson's "The Storyteller".
And by `veryXXXXXXXX` I mean, it was an idea I had in my head when I started, and it turned into this kind of cabalistic tome-keeper instead.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

What is... erotic?

Porn. It's something many people have issues with.
Good, bad, and a lot of it is downright ugly.
Something that is often thought of strictly a men's problem, but more and more women are admitting a problem with it as well.
There was even an ivy-league scientific study done (on tax-payer dollars, of course) that has "proved" that within 4 minutes of exposure to hard-core porn, both men and women are `ready`.

There are a bevy of Christian support groups for men who can a)admit they have a problem with and 2) want to get help for, their problem with pronography.
But where do you draw the line between art and porn? There is such a large boatload of different things that arouse a person, what is what?
Sure, there's some obvious things we can all agree on, but how far down that list do you go until you're infringing on artistic license?

My own philosophy is this: If it's something to detract and/or distract you from your spouse, ditch it and quick.
My views may seem `old fashioned`, but there's a good history of proof that society benefits when spouses stick to each other for their gratifications instead of anywhere else they can get it.

Now, I don't ever want to draw or otherwise create porn. But I *do* want to be able to draw attractive women, and I'm often of the thoughtline that it's what your mind fills-in-the-blanks for that really creates a seductive, sexy thing. Sure, outright genitalia and T&A in your face can do the same thing, but it's a blunt instrument.. I prefer something that actually engages you, instead of just kind of slaps you in the face.

This is a contest submissions over on SkethchOHolic, and I didn't want to participate unless I could create something that I would deem tasteful. Most of the submissions are surprisingly tasteful.
So.. while it's not a full-figure woman, this still challenged me to paint a woman in a feminine and semi-erotic/seductive way. I think I've left off the erotic and gone more for seduction, but that's just my thoughts.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Swamp Thing

Does anyone remember this old cartoon?
How about that wonky live-action 80's movie?
Anyone still read the comics?

One of the main things that still sticks in my head is the 'Wild Thing' cover for Swamp Thing's theme song.

Tried not using lines on this.. but I did anyhow.. just coloured lines, instead of the standard black.
There's quite a few very good SwampThing fan-art's out there.. but considering this was all of an hour to think of and outline and paint?.. it could've come off a whole lot worse. One thing I enjoy is the variety of the various artist's choice in how much is vegetation, how much root, leaves, etc. to add on, and how big or deep that stuff sloughing off his nose is, too.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Strong Women & Equals

While I'm all for equal-rights and equal-pay-for-equal-work and all that jazz, there's something I've noticed and it really pisses me off. Aside from that cursive, I'm going to try to not swear during this.. which is really tough, because this is something that really hits me upside the head.

There is a HUGE shift towards `strong female roles` in tv, comics and videogames.
What do these `strong` females have as traits? The stereotypical masculine traits, of course.
So, a 'strong' female role model is basically a man, sans penis plus boobs. Uh..ok?
NO, not ok!

Some of the strongest women I've ever known have faced the trials of life and gotten back up for 3rds.
Yes, 3rds. This should indicate to you that they've already taken a second-helping of the miseries of life and pushed through those.
NONE of the strong women I know behave like men or work in traditionally masculine roles.
Not a single one. Some of them are occupying what can only be a woman's role - Wife & Mother - and doing an incredible job at it.

Now, by strong, I mean in character and resolve. When I was in the Army, I had absolutely no trust that any of the women there could haul my 250-pound corpse through a firefight to a medic station. Military Equality is to let women have roughly 20% (and more) less in physical requirements to be accepted into service.
Less push-ups, less chin-ups, 3 full minutes more to run 2km than a man.
I am supposed to treat you as an equal, despite the glaringly obvious discrepancies between us?
Not frigging likely.

Waaaaaaay back in highschool, I knew a couple girls who wanted to be treated as equals, to be seen as tough and independant so badly, they basically masculinated themselves, shunning everything that could be conceived of as feminine, save their bodies. I didn't understand it then, and I refuse to accept it now.
You are what you are, accept yourself. BE yourself. But please, please, don't buy into the garbage philosophy that we're all equals. Because we're not.
Sure, we're taught this at an early age and all throughout a (very) faulty educational system.. and yet every time you look around, you see how much of a lie it is!
We are not equals. Some people are fatter than me. Lots of folks are thinner than me. Better at chess, better at art, better at fixing cars, making money, making friends, being happy, blahblah, blahblah, ad nauseum, etc.

Men and Women will never be equal, because Men and Men are never equal, and Women and Women are never equal. The other thing about this that really pisses me off is how many `minorities` scream and demand for equality and a fair-shake when what they're really doing is forcing the system to allocate them an unfair advantage against the rest of the population. Now how equal is that? We will never be equal with anyone, capice?

There's only a few Great Equalizers I can think of.. and while not everyone will ever use Poison or Guns (though anyone can), the only thing that really comes to mind of as the Supreme Equalizer is Sin.
We all do that, equally well, and most of don't even realize it or even think about it. That's how amazingly equal we are at it.

So here's something I've dubbed as `army girl`.. not that she's actually army..but I gave her a helmet for some reason. Strong girl? Maybe. Maybe not. Guns and boots and kicking down doors and screaming don't make for a strong person.. their resolve and character and how they handle the hammer-blows of life does.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Random Doodling

Random doodling is good for the soul, I think.

My roommate freaks out at horror movies. I'm talking horrible-nightmares-for-months kinda freak-out.
My own faulty psychoanalysis aside, I like a decent horror flick.. but the only ones that really get me are the ones that have a base in reality.. and yes, I include the paranormal as part of reality.

So, after a few morning kerfuffles and interludes, I popped in the new Nightmare on Elm Street movie, was pleasantly surprised to see the guy who played Rorschach in The Watchmen live action movie(as opposed to the badly animated comic-reading-movie format that was out in..what, the 80s early 90s?) was in it.
While watching/not watching the movie, I was doodling.

And then spent an hour trying to get a simple doodle to translate well into the digital realm without scanning(I need a scanner) or snapping a pic & uploading said pic then working on it.

I think it turned out pretty close to the original, though the legs are truncated. Colours were just haphazardly picked.. yet I think they work, probably because they're primary colours for most of the clothes.
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