Saturday, April 30, 2011

Playing with light

So, I found someone on twitter with the same name as a second-cousin of mine.
My first thought was `Aww yeah, he's on twitter!`. Nope, not the same guy.
This dude's an artist, and he's good at it.

He's got a good grasp at the light/shadow play on things (a.k.a, inking).. which is one of the many things I need to work on. So I think I'll be working on that this week, providing I don't get distracted.

Here's some light work, playing a bit with shadows. Going to have to try more actual inking.

Oh, speaking of artists.. it's Dean's birthday today. Why not take a look at and peruse some of his art? Really neat stuff!!

Friday, April 29, 2011


So, there's a bunch of user-made contests over on
I enter some of them.. not many because I don't check in very often.

The thing below is my entry for the contest with the theme of `big ears`.
Originally, the idea was a hound-dog with it's head out a truck window, ears flapping back in the wind..but it turned into this cloud-soaring, rivet-winged-rocket-rider instead.

Ahh, friday. Had some authentic sushi tonight.. what makes it authentic? Well, for starters, I could watch the chef making it, picking some of the fish out of an aquarium, so I knew it was fresh, for one thing. For another, there was no `all you can eat` option, and I wasn't given an option of cold sake. It was hot, the way it's supposed to be. Now, I'm no gourmand or king-high-mighty-know-it-all about the culture or the cultures around Japan, but I was kind of bothered by the obviously-still-in-college(university, which is really damned sad) kids that came in and started asking for specific korean food. (the kids were white, so I suppose some leeway in their ignorance is necessary)

Nothing against korean food or anything, but come on you university-P.h.dickeads. it says SUSHI on the front. Sushi is the stereotypical Japanese food in the western-world.  *shrug* The more the world integrates, the more this kind of stupidity is going to abound.

Stop the world, I want to get off.

It's friday..and normally I'd be watching Lar deSouza do his thing, except for that last few months ustream's been incredibly, ignorantly stupid. No videos will play, nothing loads, and the chat module fails every time as well. Ustream and are the same for me, and yet, I can stream most any other site with no problems.
I've been told it's a problem on my end, and it clearly is - I want to watch things using their service.[PROBLEM!]
And yet, there's others out there, same configuration as I'm running, and no problems.

Had to wipe my roommate's harddrive because she somehow picked up the Vista Total Protection Virus, and it had corrupted some root-keys. After a wipe & fresh re-install.. she can watch ustream and all the no problems.. all the flash and shockwave are updated, browser's updated.. again, same configuration I'm using. She can watch stuff on her laptop won't do dick all.
But that's fine..

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Whip It

So I watched this movie tonight.
I was really hoping for more of the roller-derby stuff than the typical teenage drama bullshit..but I suppose they HAVE to throw that in when the protagonist is 17.
Some of this stuff.. only in texas. Which is where the movie takes place, so, that's good.
It's a fun movie nonetheless.

But it got me to thinking of other roller-derby teams and such..I know there's some around here.. somewhere.. I just can't remember where, and they don't advertise much.
Ah well.
Another chance to doodle some girls.. should really keep strengthening that artistic muscle!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gojira Pt.2

You've heard of doggy-style? The Cowboy? ...well, now it's Godzilla Style, yo.
or something. I thought it was funny, but what do I know, right?

Anyhow, it's more Godzilla & Herbie the love-bug for Paul Tobin.

For the very few incarnations that Herbie's been through, Godzilla seems to have gone through a few.. I've counted at least 4 different monster-suits, plus that CG one in the movie with Matthew Broderick.

And yes, I quick-skimped on the background. The characters & colouring & shading took me almost 2 hours, and I wasn't sure what kind of background to do, so I did a quick asphalt-into-rock-wall type thing....though now that I look at it, the rock-wall looks more like dirt-clumps. Ahwell.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


As a kid, I liked watching the Godzilla flicks. They weren't on tv very often, but when they were (usually around halloween), to me, they were a treat.

Now, while my love of an actor in a foam-rubber suit smashing miniatures and "fighting"(flailing, more like it) other men in rubber suits with the occasional giant puppet on strings remains with me to this day, it is in no way comparible to that of one Mr. Paul Tobin. This is the same man who once wanted to see Godzilla take over Stephen Strange's role as Sorcerer Supreme.
I recently tweeted at Mr.Tobin about acquiring the rights to his tweets in exchange for fan-art of the `Godzilla & (insert item)` nature. Mr.Tobin responded with Godzilla & Herbie the Love Bug.

After looking at some reference material, it seems the old Herbie was actually a light cream-colour, and the newer incarnations of him (from the 80s on, I think.. I could easily be wrong on this) are a stark white.

Now, while I don't really want the rights to Mr.Tobin's tweets, the entire exchange was brought about by an interesting, if absurd moment on twitter about someone selling the rights to their tweets to someone else, or some such nonsense that went in through the ocular-orbs and was promptly discarded.

So, here's the 1st part of my making-good-on said fan-art, with a mild homage to Monty Python.

I plan on doing some more of this combo, I'm just not sure which direction I want to take it in yet.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Surprise

So, Easter is now over..well, more or less. It's still Easter Monday, but it's not like that means anything to anyone, my friends who work are back to work, and the rest are back to their normal thing.

I've only the vaguest (and probably incorrect) ideas of where eggs and rabbits came from to represent Easter, but if I was the easter bunny, I'd be pretty ticked about the mass-marketing greed about these times of year.
I'm not the easter bunny and I'm ticked about

Easter Surprise!


Cartography, for those aren't sure, is the art of map-making.
And I don't think I like doing it, at all.

Anyhow.. I'm working on multiple projects, but things like this haunt me, because I know I'll leave something out, or come up with something else somewhere down the road, and suddenly, this map of the land or area is no longer really useful.

Anyhow, here's a peek at two sides of a warring coin.. well, okay, two halves of a warring continent, anyhow.
I haven't done any of the Blasted Lands/Contested Zone in detail yet, but rest assured, it's a large area where these two kingdoms wage their stupid wars. At least they can agree on that.. even though they couldn't agree on what to call the area.

And no, don't worry, there'll be an easter-themed image up alter tonight.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend

Easter Weekend is almost over.

I'm a firm believer in that, if you're of a certain religious choice, then celebrate those religious holidays. And yes, Atheism is a religion, if religion is agreed to be a belief-system(tehcnically, so is science, by that argument). But don't go pushing it on others, and don't go trying to change a country's history or annual celebrations because you don't like it.

Warning: Harsh language and, golly! logic, coming your way.

For more than a century, Canada has celebrated Easter and Christmas and it's been Merry Christmas and all about the Easter Eggs / Easter Bunny.
And some assholes in the last 30 years have decided they don't like it, and to become the very very vocal minority about it. Well fine, don't celebrate it, and shut the fuck up. Don't say Merry Christmas, don't hide Easter Eggs, don't decorate and shut the fuck up.
Nobody forces you to get a christmas tree, or to buy chocolate eggs or dress up as a rabbit or eat candy canes or any other socially-accepted super-mangled "judeo-christian" holiday.
1) They ain't christian holidays. Pine Trees, Snowmen, Tinsel, Eggnog, Bunnies, Candies, Winter and Spring Equinoxes and Eggs have nothing to do with Christian beliefs. So shut the fuck up.

Nobody makes a big deal about anyone celebrating Ramadan or Rumspringa or Ash Wednesday or Chanukah.. Hanukkah?..I don't remember how to spell the Jewish Holiday properly. Dreidel! Anyhow.
Nobody makes a big stink about people celebrating these holidays, or traditions.
But for the last decade or so, there's been an ever-growing stink about saying `merry christmas`, as if it was like telling to, I don't know, shut the fuck up. People get offended by someone wishing them a merry christmas? Grow some thicker skin, you waste of life. How offended are people if you wish them a Happy Hanukkah?
I don't know how or why this made the news, not like Yahoo! ever has any *real* news to begin with, but apparently some dipshit-teacher is trying to get their class to call Easter Eggs "spring spheres".
Uh..hmm. Ok.. Eggs are ovoid-shaped, not spherical. I seriously hope this teacher gets a good reprimanding or disbarring for this kind of miseducation of the kiddies. At least the kids knew what they were - Easter Eggs.

Seriously.. This bothers me - any religious holiday is acceptable to celebrate, except the ones that society views as christian, even if the thing ain't christian. It shouldn't bother me, but in a world that very loudly demands it's equality and fairness for all(but the majority), it's easily accepted to bash the shit out of something that isn't even what people think it is!
You want's a shot at equality. Only card-carrying members of Religion-X get to take that day/week/weekend off with pay, but they have to show their card and be in good standing with their church/sect/mosque/temple/cult/whatever. And everyone else just goes to work like regular. Now that's fair and equitable, isn't it? Let the religious folks take their religious days and observe them, and everyone who doesn't like it can just go about their usual work-day or weekend like normal.

And for the people that don't want to wish someone a Merry Christmas, go Hunting for Easter Eggs, and get upset and "offended" at things such as those... please.. shut the fuck up and move to another country.


I've probably posted this somewhere before, but I spent more time experimenting with some markers on a generic(yet acrylic-primed) here's this..and I'll make something tomorrow, which is fitting, as the last day in the Easter Long Weekend.
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